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[SF/F/H Link Post] Kafka’s METAMORPHOSIS at 100; NaNoWriMo; WARCRAFT Trailer

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  • Apex Publications is holding a subscription drive for their science fiction, fantasy, and horror zine November 2nd to November 13th.
  • Dax Harrison – In a space-faring future, an alien war criminal seeks vengeance on humanity, and a celebrated-but-bumbling hero is forced back into action…
  • Mechcraft – A teen with a dark secret in his DNA. Fringe Nanotechnology unleashed. Shadow government factions. A sinister enemy. And the struggle for a godlike power. The Matrix meets Harry Potter in this fast-paced sci-fi thriller.
  • Space Movers the Story Continues: Expansion & Game Offer – New expansion bundle for the cooperative sci-fi tabletop board game Space Movers 2201.
  • A Tale of Shadows: Cause & Effect – A fantasy comic. Technology has arrived to the town of Wavefront, dividing the population between the spiritual and scientific.



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