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Obligatory Star Wars Video Booth: You’ll Sing! You’ll Laugh! You’ll Cry!

Videos taking advantage of this week’s release of The Force Awakens are being released in increasing frequency. So, without further ado, your obligatory collection of Star Wars videos…

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & The Force Awakens Cast Sing Star Wars Medley (A Cappella)

The Tonight Show has the clout to pull off something like this. Check out the cast of The Force Awakens doing an a capella version of John Willliams’ iconic musical score.

Honest Trailer – Revenge Of The Sith

Remember how Revenge Of The Sith is considered the best film of the prequels?

How Revenge Of The Sith Should Have Ended

While we’re bashing Revenge Of The Sith

Those Who Forget the Past…

As much as I’m trying to maintain a level head about the release of The Force Awakens, excitement is invariably building. For those of us lucky enough to see it in its opening days, let’s remember to separate nostalgia from an objective assessment of the film itself (as much as that’s possible). Let us not forget the euphoria surrounding the release of The Phantom Menace:

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