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At Kirkus: Patrick Hester Heads DOWN TOWN For An All-New Dresden Files Story

On the Kirkus Reviews blog this week, I talk about Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Down Town, an All-New Dresden Files story from Jim Butcher and Dynamite.

From the post:

Longtime readers and podcast listeners already know that I’m a massive Dresden Files fan. The books, written by Jim Butcher, are some of my absolute favorites. In the wasteland between hardcovers coming out (and yes, it’s a wasteland!), I get my Dresden fix thanks to short stories and the comics published through Dynamite. They’ve done an excellent job bringing the character and world of Harry Dresden to life, so much so that Butcher has written stories exclusively for the comics. As I write this, we’re a couple days away from Christmas, and Shadow the Cat is obsessed with his usual quest to bring the strange, indoor and squirrelless tree covered in sparkly bits to the ground. I bought myself a gift not too long ago, and cracked it open this night: The Dresden Files: Down Town.

To read the rest of my post, please head over to the Kirkus Blog.

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