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Cooking the Books TRIPLE Podcast Action Featuring Ilana C. Myer, Jaime Lee Moyer, Adam Christopher, and Guest Host Paul Weimer

Presenting not one, but THREE Cooking the Books episodes: An SF Signal Smorgasbord!

Part the first: The Muse

Among the fall 2015 Tor debuts, Ilana C. Myer’s epic fantasy Last Song Before Night is the one with warrior poets, wine, song, magic, and competition — all of which appeal to us on a grand scale. So pour a glass of something and join us for the latest Cooking the Books!

The ingredients for podcast #015 – Calling the Muse include:

  • wine (several bottles)
  • rich meals
  • starvation
  • lots and lots of dishes

Part the second: Ghosts

Author Jaime Lee Moyer – author of Delia’s Shadow, A Barricade in Hell, and Against a Brightening Sky talks ghosts and food with the incomparable Guest Host Paul Weimer, of SFSignal! Grab a mixing bowl and your Ouija board and get ready to enjoy Cooking the Books #016 – Ghostfood with Jaime Lee Moyer & Paul Weimer

The ingredients for podcast #016: Ghostfood with Jaime Lee Moyer & Paul Weimer

  • several fantastic hats
  • earthquakes
  • one fantastic guest host (not for eating)
  • a ghost trilogy
  • copious amounts of tea
  • cookies
  • scratch biscuits

Part the third: Robot!

In his second visit to Cooking the Books, Adam Christopher talks with us about Robot Food Favorites, root beer floats, and whether or not Ray has a bottle of something stashed in his desk, in true noir fashion. So pull up a chair, oil your sprockets, and get ready to process…

The ingredients for podcast #017 – Robot Sweet Tooth include:

Root Beer Floats
New Zealand Pavlovas
erased magnetic tape
a very firm jaw
Hokey Pokey ice cream
one pineapple
Only the best flat whites of the southern hemisphere


Heartfelt thanks to Kristin Centorcelli, John DeNardo, Paul Weimer and everyone at SFSignal for the linklove; the expedited applications to Cake Wars, Cupcake Wars, & Cooking with Cthulhu; and the small matter of the kitchen exorcism. Enjoy your delicious Cooking the Books podcasts!

Listen above, or at the Cooking the Books website, or subscribe to the Cooking the Books feedburner.


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