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[Cover Gallery] December Releases in Comics and Graphic Novels

Here’s the latest of our monthly comics and graphic novel roundups

Lots of good stuff. See anything you like?

  1. The Chaos #3: Resurrection (The End Crystals Book 1) by Ramon P.
  2. First Time by Simon Graves
  1. 2000 AD: The Creator Interviews, Volume Five by Michael Molcher (2000 AD)
  2. The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael (And The Dead Left In His Wake) by Rob Williams (2000 AD)
  1. From Now On: Short Comic Tales of The Fantastic by Malachi Ward (Alternative Comics)
  2. Rochelle: The Teen Cockroach by John Crowther (Antarctic Press)
  1. Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set, 2nd Ed. by David Petersen (Archaia)
  2. Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 2 Research by Thomas Siddell (Archaia)
  1. Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 3 by various (Archaia)
  2. Lumberjanes To The Max Edition Vol. 1 by Shannon Watters (BOOM! Box)
  1. Crimson Vol. 1 by Brian Augustyn (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Wild’s End by Dan Abnett (BOOM! Studios)
  1. The Woods Vol. 3 by James Tynion IV (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Deep State Vol. 2 by Justin Jordan (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Irredeemable Premier Vol. 1 by Mark Waid (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Fiction Squad by Paul Jenkins (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Omnibus by various (BOOM! Studios)
  2. The Inflatable Woman by Rachael Ball (Bloomsbury USA)
  1. Fertility by Mikolaj Pasinski (Centrala)
  2. Illusions: Kenya (Vol. 5) by LEO (Cinebook, Ltd)
  1. Brooklyn Line, Terminus Cosmos: Valerian (Vol. 10) by Pierre Christin (Cinebook, Ltd)
  2. Resistance: Orbital (Vol. 6) by Sylvain Runberg (Cinebook, Ltd)
  1. Lookouts Riddle Volume 1 by Ben McCool (Cryptozoic)
  2. Harley Quinn Vol. 3: Kiss Kiss Bang Stab (Harley Quinn (Numbered)) by Amanda Conner (DC Comics)
  1. Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Power Outage (The New 52) (Harley Quinn (Numbered)) by Amanda Conner (DC Comics)
  2. Earth 2 Vol. 6: Collision by Daniel H. Wilson (DC Comics)
  1. Earth 2 World’s End Vol. 2 (New 52) by Daniel Wilson (DC Comics)
  2. Absolute Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Dennis O’Neil (DC Comics)
  1. The Demon: Hell’s Hitman by Garth Ennis (DC Comics)
  2. The Flash By Geoff Johns Book One by Geoff Johns (DC Comics)
  1. Batman vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles by Geoff Johns (DC Comics)
  2. Batman/Superman Vol. 4 by Greg Pak (DC Comics)
  1. Superman – Action Comics Vol. 7 by Greg Pak (DC Comics)
  2. Batman/Superman Vol. 3: Second Chance by Greg Pak (DC Comics)
  1. Superman – Action Comics Vol. 6: Superdoom by Greg Pak (DC Comics)
  2. Graphic Ink: The DC Comics Art of Ivan Reis by Ivan Reis (DC Comics)
  1. Teen Titans Go!: Truth, Justice, Pizza by J. Torres (DC Comics)
  2. Boy Commandos by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Vol. 2 by Jack Kirby (DC Comics)
  1. Justice League United Vol. 2: The Infinitus Saga (The New 52) by Jeff Lemire (DC Comics)
  2. Justice League United Vol. 1: Justice League Canada (The New 52) by Jeff Lemire (DC Comics)
  1. Batman ’66 Vol. 4 by Jeff Parker (DC Comics)
  2. Batman ’66 Vol. 3 by Jeff Parker (DC Comics)
  1. The Boy Commandos by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Vol. 2 by Joe Simon (DC Comics)
  2. Suicide Squad Vol. 2: The Nightshade Odyssey by John Ostrander (DC Comics)
  1. Batman ’66/Green Hornet by Kevin Smith (DC Comics)
  2. Deathstroke: The Terminator Vol. 2: Sympathy For The Devil by Marv Wolfman (DC Comics)
  1. iZombie Omnibus by Michael Allred (DC Comics)
  2. Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham by Mike Mignola (DC Comics)
  1. World’s Finest Vol. 6 (The New 52) by Paul Levitz (DC Comics)
  2. Absolute Court of Owls by Scott Snyder (DC Comics)
  1. Earth 2 Vol. 5: The Kryptonian (The New 52) by Tom Taylor (DC Comics)
  2. Lex Luthor: A Celebration of 75 Years by Various (DC Comics)
  1. Batman vs. Superman: Their Greatest Battles by Various (DC Comics)
  2. Teen Titans Go!: Truth,Justice, Pizza by Various (DC Comics)
  1. Catwoman Vol. 4: The One You Love (Catwoman (DC Comics Paperback)) by Will Pfeifer (DC Comics)
  2. The Fox: Fox Hunt by Dean Haspiel (Dark Circle)
  1. Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight Double Feature Volume 4 by Alex De Campi (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Harrow County Volume 1 by Cullen Bunn (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Kabuki Library Volume 2 by David Mack (Dark Horse Books)
  2. The Strain Volume 6: The Night Eternal by David Lapham (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Jack the Ripper by Francois Debois (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Past Aways: Facedown in the Timestream by Matt Kindt (Dark Horse Books)
  1. The Chronicles of Conan Volume 30 by Michael Higgins (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Nexus: into the Past and Other Stories by Mike Baron (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Frankenstein Underground by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Neverboy by Shaun Simon (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Usagi Yojimbo Saga Volume 5 Limited Edition by Stan Sakai (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Usagi Yojimbo Saga Volume 5 by Stan Sakai (Dark Horse Books)
  1. The EC Archives: Weird Science Volume 1 by Various (Dark Horse Books)
  2. No Laughing Matter: Visual Humor in Ideas of Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity (Interfaces: Studies in Visual Culture) by Angela Rosenthal (Dartmouth)
  1. Last of the Dragons (Dover Graphic Novels) by Carl Potts (Dover Publications)
  2. Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf by George W.M. Reynolds (Dover Publications)
  1. Lady Demon: Hell to Pay by Aaron Gillespie (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Legenderry: Vampirella by David Avallone (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. Red Sonja: The Black Tower by Frank Tieri (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Legenderry: Red Sonja by Marc Andreyko (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. Vampirella Volume 2: God Save the Queen (New Vampirella Tp) by Nancy A. Collins (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Violenzia And Other Deadly Amusements by Richard Sala (Fantagraphics)
  1. The Art of Elfquest by Richard Pini (Flesk Publications)
  2. Test Tube by Carlos Gonzalez (Floating World Comics)
  1. Hilda and the Troll by Luke pearson (Flying Eye Books)
  2. The Overstreet Guide To Cosplay (Overstreet Guide to Collecting SC) by Missy Bowersox (Gemstone Publishing)
  1. My Little Pony: Art is Magic! (IDW Publishing)
  2. Transformers: Robots in Disguise Box Set by Andrew Griffith (IDW Publishing)
  1. Star Trek: Gold Key Archives Volume 4 (Star Trek Gold Key Archives Hc) by Arnold Drake (IDW Publishing)
  2. Ghostbusters: Get Real by Erik Burnham (IDW Publishing)
  1. Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book Volume 01 (Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Coloring Book Tp) by Frank Frazetta (IDW Publishing)
  2. Gil Kane’s Undersea Agent by Gardner Fox (IDW Publishing)
  1. Star Trek: The John Byrne Collection by John Byrne (IDW Publishing)
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Box Set Volume 1 (Tmnt Hc Box Set) by Kevin B. Eastman (IDW Publishing)
  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Works Volume 4 (Tmnt Works Hc) by Kevin Eastman (IDW Publishing)
  2. G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Volume 13 (GI Joe a Real American Hero Tp) by Larry Hama (IDW Publishing)
  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey & April by Mariko Tamaki (IDW Publishing)
  2. The Infinite Loop by Pierrick Colinet (IDW Publishing)
  1. Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Volume 3 – Sojourn by R. A. Salvatore (IDW Publishing)
  2. A Hero’s Death by Ricardo Sanchez (IDW Publishing)
  1. My Little Pony: Friends Forever Volume 5 (My Little Pony Friends Forever Tp) by Ted Anderson (IDW Publishing)
  2. The Complete Voodoo Volume 1 (Voodoo Hc) by Various (IDW Publishing)
  1. Ragnarok Volume 1: Last God Standing (Ragnarok Hc) by Walter Simonson (IDW Publishing)
  2. Rat Queens: The Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 by Kurtis Wiebe (Image – Shadowline)
  1. Sons of the Devil Volume 1 (Sons of the Devil Tp) by Brian Buccellato (Image Comics)
  2. Private Eye Deluxe Edition by Brian K. Vaughan (Image Comics)
  1. Postal Volume 2 by Bryan Edward Hill (Image Comics)
  2. Savage Dragon Archives Volume 5 by Erik Larsen (Image Comics)
  1. Drifter Volume 2 (Drifter Tp) by Ivan Brandon (Image Comics)
  2. The Empty Zone Volume 1: Conversations With the Dead by Jason Shawn Alexander (Image Comics)
  1. Dead @ 17: The Complete Collection by Josh Howard (Image Comics)
  2. Spread Volume 2: The Children’s Crusade (Spread Tp) by Justin Jordan (Image Comics)
  1. Rat Queens Deluxe Edition Volume 1 (Rat Queens Deluxe Hc) by Kurtis J. Wiebe (Image Comics)
  2. Black Science Premiere Hardcover by Rick Remender (Image Comics)
  1. The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 6 (Walking Dead Omnibus Hc) by Robert Kirkman (Image Comics)
  2. God Hates Astronauts Volume 3 by Ryan Browne (Image Comics)
  1. Spawn: Resurrection Volume 1 by Todd McFarlane (Image Comics)
  2. The World According to Wonder Woman (Insight Legends) by Matthew K. Manning (Insight Editions)
  1. Hot Jazz with Max Zillion & Alto EGO by Hunt Emerson (Knockabout Comics)
  2. Noragami: Stray God 9 by Adachitoka (Kodansha Comics)
  1. Remembered Reading: Memory, Comics and Post-War Constructions of British Girlhood (Studies in European Comics and Graphic Novels) by Mel Gibson (Leuven University Press)
  2. A Glance Backward by Pierre Paquet (Magnetic Press)
  1. Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 by Christopher Priest (Marvel)
  2. Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Freedom (Epic Collection: Silver Surfer) by John Byrne (Marvel)
  1. Star Wars Epic Collection: Infinities (Epic Collection: Star Wars) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Hawkeye Volume 2 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Uncanny X-Men Vol. 6: Storyville by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 17 (Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Deadpool by Posehn & Duggan Vol. 4 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. All-New X-Men Vol. 3 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Ms. Marvel Vol. 4: Last Days by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 3 (AKA Jessica Jones) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Deadpool vs. Thanos by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 0: Warzones by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. A-Force Vol. 0: Warzones! by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book 3 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps (Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps – Secret Wars) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Daredevil Vol. 4: The Autobiography of Matt Murdock by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Guardians of Knowhere (Secret Wars: Warzones! I) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. X-Men: Years of Future Past by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Marvel 1872 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Wolverine Epic Collection: The Dying Game (Epic Collection: Wolverine) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Spider-Verse: Warzones (Secret Wars: Warzones!: Spider-Verse) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Secret Wars 2099 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Marvel Zombies: Battleworld by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Star-Lord & Kitty Pride by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Infinity Gauntlet: Warzones by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Runaways: Battleworld (Secret Wars: Battleworld: Runaways) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4: Original Sin (Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel Now!) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Inferno: Warzones (Secret Wars: Warzones!: Inferno) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Weirdworld Vol. 0: Warzones! (Secret Wars: Warzones!: Weirdworld) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Korvac Saga: Warzones! (Secret Wars: Korvac Saga) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5: The Omega Mutant by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Squadron Sinister by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. All-New X-Men Vol. 6: The Ultimate Adventure by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. M.O.D.O.K. Assassin by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Silk Vol. 0: The Life and Times of Cindy Moon by Robbie Thompson (Marvel)
  2. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 2: Squirrel You Know It’s True by Ryan North (Marvel)
  1. Thieves & Kings: Volume One by Mark Oakley (One Peace Books)
  2. The Sixth Gun: Dust to Death by Brian Hurtt (Oni Press)
  1. The Bunker Volume 3 (Bunker Tp) by Joshua Hale Fialkov (Oni Press)
  2. Batman’s Arsenal: An Encyclopedic Chronicle by Matt MacNabb (Opus Books)
  1. Doctor Who: Time Lord Quiz Quest by BBC Children’s Books (PENGUIN GROUP (UK))
  2. EI8HT Kapitel 1.2 (German Edition) by Rafael Albuquerque (POPCOM)
  1. Documentary Comics: Graphic Truth-Telling in a Skeptical Age (Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels) by Nina Mickwitz (Palgrave Macmillan)
  2. The Smurfs & Friends by Peyo (Papercutz)
  1. Captain America and Iron Man: Fighting a Civil War of Principles by Mark D. White (Sterling)
  2. Tortured Life by Dan Watters (TPub)
  1. The Little Book of Batman (English, French and German Edition) by Paul Levitz (Taschen)
  2. The Little Book of Wonder Woman (English, French and German Edition) by Paul Levitz (Taschen)
  1. The Little Book of Superman (English, French and German Edition) by Paul Levitz (Taschen)
  2. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor: Vol. 3 by Al Ewing (Titan Books Ltd)
  1. Justice League: Generation Lost v. 1 by Judd Winick (Titan Books Ltd)
  2. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: Vol. 3 by Nick Abadzis (Titan Books Ltd)
  1. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor: Vol. 1 by Robbie Morrison (Titan Books Ltd)
  2. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor: Vol. 2 by Robbie Morrison (Titan Books Ltd)
  2. 21st Century Tank Girl by Alan Martin (Titan Comics)
  1. SHOWMAN KILLER: HEARTLESS HERO (Snowman Killer) by Alexandro Jodorowsky (Titan Comics)
  2. Lone Sloane: Volume 2: Delirius by Jacques Lob (Titan Comics)
  1. MONO VOLUME 1 by Liam Sharp (Titan Comics)
  2. THE QUEST FOR THE TIME BIRD by Serge Le Tendre (Titan Comics)
  1. Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters (Table Titans Tp) by Scott Kurtz (Toonhound Studios LLC)
  2. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo Trilogy (Slipcase Edition) by Alan Moore (Top Shelf Productions)
  1. Junction True by Ray Fawkes (Top Shelf Productions)
  2. True Swamp: Book 2 by Jon Lewis (Uncivilized Books)
  1. Archer & Armstrong Deluxe Edition Book 2 (Archer & Armstrong DLX Hc) by Fred Van Lente (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  2. The Valiant Deluxe Edition by Jeff Lemire (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. Divinity Deluxe Edition by Matt Kindt (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  2. Unity Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Unity DLX Hc) by Matt Kindt (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. Ninjak Volume 2: The Shadow Wars (Ninjak: the Shadow Wars) by Matt Kindt (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  2. Unity Volume 6: The War-Monger (Unity Tp (Vu)) by Matt Kindt (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. KIZUMONOGATARI: Wound Tale by NISIOISIN (Vertical)
  2. Witchcraft Works, Volume 8 by Ryu Mizunagi (Vertical Comics)
  1. Flinch Book One by Brian Azzarello (Vertigo)
  2. DMZ The Deluxe Edition Book Five (Dmz (Deluxe)) by Brian Wood (Vertigo)
  1. Kid Eternity Deluxe Edition by Grant Morrison (Vertigo)
  2. Annotated Sandman Vol. 4 by Neil Gaiman (Vertigo)
  1. The Kitchen by Ollie Masters (Vertigo)
  2. Strange Sports Stories by Paul Pope (Vertigo)
  1. Rare Books Uncovered: True Stories of Fantastic Finds in Unlikely Places by Rebecca Rego Barry (Voyageur Press)
  2. E.I. #15 – Earth Invasion: All Warfare is Deception (E.I. – Earth Invasion) by Nate Wunderman (Wunderman Comics, Inc.)
  1. Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book (Zenescope)
  2. Realm War Volume 2 (Gft Realm War Tp) by Joe Brusha (Zenescope)
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  1. Thanks for including it, but #165, my book on Civil War, was cancelled by mutual agreement between me and Stirling. (I’ve been trying to get Amazon to remove the listing for a while.) Instead, I’ll be self-publishing it through Amazon in the spring.

    Mark D. White

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