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It’s The Walking Dead meets The Andromeda Strain in 7 SYKOS by Marsheila Rockwell and Jeff Mariotte

I can’t wait for this one. Seriously. It’s been on my wishlist forever, and it finally has a cover! 7 Sykos by Marsheila Rockwell and Jeff Mariotte is coming up in January 2016, and I really think you’ll want to check it out!

About the book:

Detached from the world, how are seven psychopaths going to save it?

Phoenix is one of the most populated cities in America…but not for long. With a mysterious sickness spreading through the streets, two things are becoming very clear: there’s no cure, and it doesn’t necessarily kill you.

Instead, the so-called “Infecteds” have become a living plague, killing and eating everyone they come into contact with. Chaos is spreading, and no one is safe.

No one, that is, except for a group of psychos.

Somehow unaffected by the disease—and with promises of clemency for their monstrous pasts—a group of seven is sent downtown to hopefully find the cause of the disease…and therefore a cure. But when the asylum is the size of a city, it no longer matters who is running things.

Not when everyone is running for their lives.

The Walking Dead meets The Andromeda Strain in this fast-paced mix of science fiction and horror.

Book info as per Amazon UK [Also available via Amazon UK]:

  • Ebook
  • Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse (January 26, 2016)
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