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Stephen King Gets Eye-Catching Minimalist (Mostly) eBook Covers

Next month, Scribner is re-releasing a batch of Stephen King eBooks with attractive minimalist covers by Jim Tierney and art direction by Jaya Miceli.

I like minimalist covers because they’re so different than the covers we usually see on bookstore shelves. The key is to perfectly capture the essence of the books, which I think these do quite nicely.

Check out the covers below!

(Note: The first four books of King’s Dark Tower series are also seeing reprints. The covers, while not minimalist, are also nice looking and are included below.)




Different Seasons

Dolores Claiborne


Four Past Midnight

Gerald’s Game




Needful Things


Rose Madder

Skeleton Crew

The Dark Half

The Dead Zone

The Eyes of the Dragon

The Long Walk

The Regulators

The Running Man

The Tommyknockers


The Gunslinger

The Drawing of the Three

The Waste Lands

Wizard and Glass
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