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Table of Contents: STAR QUAKE 3 (SQ MAG’S BEST OF 2014) Edited by Sophie Yorkston

Here’s the table of contents for the new anthology Star Quake 3, which features 20 of the best SQ MAG stories of 2014.

Here’s the book description:

IFWG Publishing’s e-zine SQ Mag offers up the best of 2014 with their second annual anthology. Star Quake pays homage to all the major genres of speculative fiction with work from writers all over the world. 20 stories are featured, including original fiction by Ken Liu, Kaaren Warren, Sean Williams, and many more.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Hunting the Sky Gods” by Meryl Stenhouse
  2. “Inside Ferndale” by Lee Murray
  3. “Stills” by Jeremy C. Shipp
  4. “Shutter blind” by Jackie Neel
  5. “Tread Upon the Brittle Shell” by Rhoads Brazos
  6. “The Darkness in Clara” by Alan Baxter
  7. “Eleanor Atkins is Dead and her House is Boarded Up” by Kaaron Warren
  8. “Chasing the Storm” by S.G. Larner
  9. “Girl in the Glass Bottle” by Brian G. Ross
  10. “Like Bread” by Patricia Russo
  11. “Running Shoes” by Ken Liu
  12. “The Bush Bride of Badgery Hollow” by Angie Rega
  13. “The Tyranny Of Distance” by Sean Williams
  14. “How Far Will You Go” by Carl Alves
  15. “Black Smoker Hero” by Rachel Acks
  16. “Butterfly Knife” by Recle Vibal
  17. “Bones” by Michelle Jager
  18. “Keeping an Open Mind” by Dan Rabarts
  19. “To Brave the Mountains” by David Bowles
  20. “Keep the Water Out” by Mitchell Edgeworth
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