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Here’s What’s in THIRD FLATIRON’S BEST OF 2015

Third Flatiron’s Best of 2015 anthology is out, and here’s the table of contents!

A little about the book:

Third Flatiron is proud to present a sampler of the best science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories published during 2015. This compendium offers a smorgasbord of short stories from an international group of new and established speculative fiction authors.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. A Little Mischief by Ken Altabef
  2. Going Viral by Dan Koboldt
  3. James and the Prince of Darkness by Kevin Lauderdale
  4. A House of Mirrors by Stephanie Flood
  5. O Shades, My Woe by Eric J. Guignard
  6. Across the Styx of Norway by Jacob M. Lambert
  7. False Footfall by Martin Clark
  8. A Rock in the Air by Neil James Hudson
  9. What Is Sacred to Dogs by A. P. Sessler
  10. Wind Chimes by Sean O’Dea
  11. Just Visulate by E. E. King
  12. Pantomimus by Lyn Godfrey
  13. With Gilded Wings by Evan Henry
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