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The Absolute Best SF/F Books of 2015

I aggregated a handful of year’s end “Best SF/F of the Year” lists to arrive at an unscientific list of The Absolute Best SF/F Books of 2015. These are books that appeared the most across multiple lists.

Head on over to Kirkus Reviews and give it a look!

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2 Comments on The Absolute Best SF/F Books of 2015

  1. Interesting. (which is always good.)

    But we must be looking at different lists (and off course we
    have our own team’s choices we’ll — — be posting with spring edition in a couple of week’s time). (And, again of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking at different lists.)

    Though concur with nearly all your honorable mentions.

    The Leckie title’s appearance in some lists I can only assume to be a hangover from her 2014 Hugo nomination and win and other award success that year. The follow-up did not do so well and the conclusion did not really bring that much new to the table. (The first book introduced the hive mind reduced to single human with gender blindness thing plus the ruler cloning. Subsequently we had these trope treatments worked out with little actually SFnally new.)

    _Seveneves_ seems to be getting a fair bit of attention.

    Anyway, happy new year to all Signallers.

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