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TRAILER PARK: Captain America : Civil War / The BFG / The Legend of Tarzan

You want trailers? We got trailers!

Take a look at these beauties and let us know in the comments which ones you’re interested in seeing!

Captian America: Civil War

A war between Cap and Tony Stark is anything but civil. And even though I feel Marvel is saturating us with their properties, I’m still interested in seeing movies with the Avengers. This one at least looks to have an interesting story line at play what with Captain America going rogue and all. Since I’m not a comics guy, is there anyone out there who can compare this to the comics?


Spielberg brings us his adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel, The BFG. It’s Disney,it’s Spielberg, how could this not be a hit? We don’t see much in the trailer but I can see my youngest being interested in this one.

The Legend of Tarzan

I’m not a fan of the Tarzan stories so right off the bat I’m not really that interested. I will say this movie looks very impressive and can any movie with Samuel L. Jackson be bad? Don’t answer that. I may, MAY, catch this one on Netflix if it turns out to be good. Otherwise I’ll skip it.

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3 Comments on TRAILER PARK: Captain America : Civil War / The BFG / The Legend of Tarzan

  1. Samantha C // December 10, 2015 at 7:17 pm //

    Huzzah! Re: CA: Civil War, this looks to be an adaptation of the comics story line in name and (very) basic concept only, which is a good choice in my opinion. For reasons too detailed and nerdy to go into, the different character histories, relationships, and legalities between the comics-verse and film-verse would not allow for a very close film adaptation. The comics conflict, which was very polarizing both in-story and among fans, is centered around whether heroes should be registered by the government (undermining their secret identities). Tony Stark leads the pro-registration side, Steve Rogers is anti-registration. It looks like the movie will be focused on collateral damage caused by Avengers actions, and how they are subject to international law — a philosophical debate with personal stakes, and the former Winter Soldier as a lynchpin.

    I’m also pleased this looks to be very Cap-centric, which is good because this is supposed to be his film, not another Avengers installment, and creates an interesting character arc across the trilogy: CA 1 – (somewhat)willing mascot and loyal soldier; CA 2 – questioning authority and rejecting the status-quo; CA 3 – total insurgent in the name of justice.

  2. Thanks Samantha! I’m intrigued by the quick outline of the story and I, too, am glad it’s more Cap-centric. I just like him as a hero.

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