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133 SF/F eBooks for $5 or Less: Titles by Stephen King, Gail Carriger, Joe R. Lansdale, Holly Lisle, Harlan Ellison, Nancy Kress, Peter F. Hamilton, Kameron Hurley, More!

We loves us some good eBook deals here at at SF Signal, and we know you do, too. That’s why we’re sharing this latest roundup of eBook deals for your eBook reading pleasure.

NOTE: These science fiction, fantasy and horror eBook titles are priced under $5 at the time of writing this post…but WARNING: Prices are subject to change, so check the price before clicking “buy”. If Amazon is not your eBook ecosystem, please do look up the titles wherever you buy your eBooks; discounts are often applied at other outlets.

  1. Empress of Outer Space by A. Bertram Chandler (Gateway)
  2. The Alternate Martians by A. Bertram Chandler (Gateway)
  3. The Wild Ones by A. Bertram Chandler (Gateway)
  1. The Sellamillion by Adam Roberts (Gollancz)
  2. Salt by Adam Roberts (Gollancz)
  3. Polystom by Adam Roberts (Gollancz)
  1. On by Adam Roberts (Gollancz)
  2. Star Warped by Adam Roberts (Gollancz)
  3. Angel of Europa (Near-Space) by Allen Steele (Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
  1. Fahrenheit 666 by Andrew Harman (Orbit)
  2. The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn (47North)
  3. Within These Walls by Ania Ahlborn (Gallery Books)
  1. Alchemystic (A Spellmason Chronicle Book 1) by Anton Strout (Ace)
  2. Hallow Point (Mick Oberon Job Book 2) by Ari Marmell (Titan Books)
  3. Weavers by Aric Davis (Thomas & Mercer)
  1. The Last Policeman: A Novel (Last Policeman Trilogy Book 1) by Ben H. Winters (Quirk Books)
  2. Timepiece by Brian Ball (Gateway)
  3. Timepit by Brian Ball (Gateway)
  1. Timepivot by Brian Ball (Gateway)
  2. A Star Above It and Other Stories: The Collected Short Stories of Chad Oliver Volume One by Chad Oliver (Gateway)
  3. The Paradox Men by Charles L. Harness (Gateway)
  1. Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human (Titan Books)
  2. Fringe – The Zodiac Paradox (Novel #1) by Christa Faust (Titan Books)
  3. Exiles of Kho (Philip Jose Farmer’s Khokarsa) by Christopher Paul Carey (Meteor House)
  1. The Adjacent by Christopher Priest (Titan Books)
  2. The Blue Blazes (Mookie Pearl Book 1) by Chuck Wendig (terribleminds)
  3. The Hellsblood Bride (Mookie Pearl Book 2) by Chuck Wendig (terribleminds)
  1. Double Dead by Chuck Wendig (Abaddon)
  2. Double Dead: Bad Blood by Chuck Wendig (Abaddon Books)
  3. The Ghost of a Model T: And Other Stories (The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak Book 3) by Clifford D. Simak (Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
  1. The Long Way Down (Daniel Faust Book 1) by Craig Schaefer (Demimonde Books)
  2. Redemption Song (Daniel Faust Book 2) by Craig Schaefer (Demimonde Books)
  3. The Living End (Daniel Faust Book 3) by Craig Schaefer (Demimonde Books)
  1. A Plain-Dealing Villain (Daniel Faust Book 4) by Craig Schaefer (Demimonde Books)
  2. The Killing Floor Blues (Daniel Faust Book 5) by Craig Schaefer (Demimonde Books)
  3. Muse of Fire by Dan Simmons (Subterranean Press)
  1. The Guiding Nose of Ulfant Banderoz by Dan Simmons (Subterranean Press)
  2. Europe In Autumn (The Fractured Europe Sequence Book 1) by Dave Hutchinson (Solaris)
  3. The Long List Anthology: More Stories From the Hugo Award Nomination List by David Steffen (Editor) (Diabolical Plots, L.L.C.)
  1. Becoming Human: A Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Novel (The Exilon 5 Trilogy Book 1) by Eliza Green
  2. Altered Reality: A Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Novel (The Exilon 5 Trilogy Book 2) by Eliza Green
  3. Crimson Dawn: A Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Novel (The Exilon 5 Trilogy Book 3) by Eliza Green
  1. Steamborn (Steamborn Series Book 1) by Eric Asher
  2. Flex (‘Mancer) by Ferrett Steinmetz (Angry Robot)
  3. Fifth Planet (Valancourt 20th Century Classics) by Fred Hoyle (Valancourt Books)
  1. October the First Is Too Late (Valancourt 20th Century Classics) by Fred Hoyle (Valancourt Books)
  2. Soulless (Parasol Protectorate Series Book 1) by Gail Carriger (Orbit)
  3. Dorsai! (Childe Cycle Book 1) by Gordon R. Dickson (Start Science Fiction)
  1. The Best of Gregory Benford by Gregory Benford (Subterranean Press)
  2. The Invisible Man (Signet Classics) by H.G. Wells (Signet)
  3. The Island of Dr Moreau (Penguin Classics) by H.G. Wells (Penguin)
  1. The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World by Harlan Ellison (Open Road Media)
  2. The Way Into Chaos: Book One of the Great Way by Harry Connolly (Radar Avenue Press)
  3. The Way Into Magic: Book Two of The Great Way by Harry Connolly (Radar Avenue Press)
  1. The Way Into Darkness: Book Three of The Great Way by Harry Connolly (Radar Avenue Press)
  2. The Book of Iod: Ten Cthulhu Stories by Henry Kuttner (Diversion Books)
  3. Memory of Fire (World Gates Series) by Holly Lisle (HarperCollins e-books)
  1. The Wreck of Heaven (World Gates Series) by Holly Lisle (HarperCollins e-books)
  2. Magic Stars (Grey Wolf Book 1) by Ilona Andrews (NYLA)
  3. Thorn by Intisar Khanani (Intisar Khanani)
  1. Cryptic: The Best Short Fiction of Jack McDevitt by Jack McDevitt (Subterranean Press)
  2. The Jack Vance Treasury by Jack Vance (Subterranean Press)
  3. Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel (Editors) (Tachyon Publications)
  1. Three (Legends of the Duskwalker Book 1) by Jay Posey (Angry Robot)
  2. Dragons in the Stars (Star Rigger Universe) by Jeffrey A. Carver (Starstream Publications / Book View Cafe)
  3. Dragon Rigger (Star Rigger Universe) by Jeffrey A. Carver (Starstream Publications / Book View Cafe)
  1. Seas of Ernathe (Star Rigger Universe) by Jeffrey A. Carver (Starstream Publications / Book View Cafe)
  2. Among Others (Hugo Award Winner – Best Novel) by Jo Walton (Tor Books)
  3. Deadman’s Crossing by Joe R. Lansdale (Tachyon Publications)
  1. The Incorruptibles by John Hornor Jacobs (Gollancz)
  2. The End is Nigh (Apocalypse Triptych Book 1) by John Joseph Adams & Hugh Howey (Editors) (Broad Reach Publishing)
  3. Silverlock (Prologue Books) by John Myers Myers (Prologue Books)
  1. Seven Princes (Books of the Shaper) by John R. Fultz (Orbit)
  2. Barricade by Jon Wallace (Gollancz)
  3. The Mirror Empire: Worldbreaker Saga 1 by Kameron Hurley (Angry Robot)
  1. Empire Ascendant: Worldbreaker Saga #2 by Kameron Hurley (Angry Robot)
  2. The Diploids by Katherine MacLean (Gateway)
  3. Rough Magick (GnomeSaga Book 1) by Kenny Soward (Ragnarok Publications)
  1. Cogweaver (GnomeSaga Book 3) by Kenny Soward (Ragnarok Publications)
  2. Tinkermage (GnomeSaga Book 2) by Kenny Soward (Ragnarok Publications)
  3. The Abnorm Chronicles: TWIST (Kindle Worlds) by Kevin J. Anderson (Kindle Worlds)
  1. Anno Dracula by Kim Newman (Titan Books)
  2. An English Ghost Story by Kim Newman (Titan Books)
  3. The Immortalists by Kyle Mills (Thomas & Mercer)
  1. X’s For Eyes by Laird Barron (JournalStone)
  2. Dark Alchemy by Laura Bickle (Harper Voyager Impulse)
  3. Collected Stories by Lewis Shiner (Subterranean Press)
  1. The Uninvited by Liz Jensen (Bloomsbury USA)
  2. Sword of the Bright Lady (WORLD OF PRIME Book 1) by M.C. Planck (Pyr)
  3. Brilliance (The Brilliance Trilogy Book 1) by Marcus Sakey (Thomas & Mercer)
  1. A Better World (The Brilliance Trilogy Book 2) by Marcus Sakey (Thomas & Mercer)
  2. Written in Fire (The Brilliance Trilogy Book 3) by Marcus Sakey (Thomas & Mercer)
  3. Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa de los Santos (HarperCollins)
  1. Strange Fates (Nyx Fortuna series Book 1) by Marlene Perez (Orbit)
  2. Dark Descent (Nyx Fortuna series Book 2) by Marlene Perez (Orbit)
  3. Fortune’s Favors (Nyx Fortuna series Book 3) by Marlene Perez (Orbit)
  1. Master Sergeant: The Makaum War: Book One by Mel Odom (Harper Voyager)
  2. Guerilla: The Makaum War: Book Two by Mel Odom (Harper Voyager)
  3. Corum – The Knight of Swords: The Eternal Champion by Michael Moorcock (Titan Books)
  1. Gemini Cell: A Shadow Ops Novel (Shadow Ops series) by Myke Cole (Ace)
  2. The Best of Nancy Kress by Nancy Kress (Subterranean Press)
  3. Veiled Empire by Nathan Garrison (Harper Voyager Impulse)
  1. Manhattan In Reverse: And Other Stories by Peter F. Hamilton (Del Rey)
  2. Hadon of Ancient Opar (Khokarsa Series #1 – Wold Newton Prehistory) (Wold Newton Novels) by Philip Jose Farmer (Titan Books)
  3. The Evil in Pemberley House: Volume I of the Memoirs of Pat Wildman by Philip Jos�© Farmer (Meteor House Press)
  1. The Disestablishment of Paradise by Phillip Mann (Gateway)
  2. Cluster by Piers Anthony (Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
  3. World without Stars by Poul Anderson (Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
  1. Nexus (The Nexus Trilogy Book 1) by Ramez Naam
  2. Solomon Kane by Ramsey Campbell (Titan Books)
  3. Wicked Temper by Randy Thornhorn
  1. Lovecraft’s Book: Lovecraft Book 1 by Richard A. Lupoff (Gateway)
  2. Sandworld by Richard A. Lupoff (Gateway)
  3. Space War Blues by Richard A. Lupoff (Gateway)
  1. Robert Heinlein’s Expanded Universe: Volume One by Robert A. Heinlein (Phoenix Pick)
  2. The New Lovecraft Circle by Robert M. Price (Editor) (Del Rey)
  3. Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos by Robert M. Price (Editor) (Del Rey)
  1. The City Stained Red (Bring Down Heaven series Book 1) by Sam Sykes (Orbit)
  2. Erewhon (English Library) by Samuel Butler (Penguin)
  3. Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Solaris)
  1. Unholy Ghosts (Downside Ghosts Book 1) by Stacia Kane (Del Rey)
  2. Unholy Magic (Downside Ghosts Book 2) by Stacia Kane (Del Rey)
  3. City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts Book 3) by Stacia Kane (Del Rey)
  1. Joyland (Hard Case Crime Book 112) by Stephen King (Hard Case Crime)
  2. Dreamer: A Novel Of the Silent Empire by Steven Harper (Penguin/Putnam/NAL)
  3. Trickster: A Novel of the Silent Empire by Steven Harper (Penguin Putnam)
  1. Nightmare (The Silent Empire Book 2) by Steven Harper (Penguin/Putnam)
  2. Offspring: A Novel of the Silent Empire by Steven Harper (Penguin/Putnam/NAL)
  3. Half Past Human (S.F. Masterworks) by T. J. Bass (Gateway)
  1. Runescape: Betrayal at Falador by T. S. Church (Titan Books)
  2. RuneScape: Legacy of Blood by T.S Church (Titan Books)
  3. Grailblazers by Tom Holt (Orbit)
  1. The Scarlet Jaguar: The Memoirs of Pat Wildman, Volume 2 by Win Scott Eckert (Meteor House)
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