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Cooking the Books: Saga Press Cornucopia with Fran Wilde

That time when Navah Wolfe and Joe Monti, Saga Press editors, came by and spilled all the details about the 2016 season to Cooking the Books!*


The ingredients for podcast #017: A Saga Press Cornucopia with Navah Wolfe and Joe Monti include:

  • tea, copious amounts
  • umami tastes, … as long as you can pronounce umami
  • raisins in cookies… you decide.
  • the entire 2015 Saga Press catalog
  • a big breakfast, with scones
  • hamantaschen
  • rats named Sycorax and Caliban
  • one teacup with ‘you’ve been poisoned’ painted at the bottom
  • a pie crust hack

plus several 2016 Saga Press books, including Mishell Baker’s Borderline, Genevieve Valentine’s Icon, Lee Kelley’s A Criminal Magic, Frederick Durbin’s A Green and Ancient Light, The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales Anthology (aka: my precioussss), Ken Liu’s The Paper Menagerie, and Kat Howard’s gorgeous Roses and Rot.


Heartfelt thanks to John DeNardo, Kristin Centorcelli, Paul Weimer and everyone at SFSignal for ignoring what happened on our first foray into producing Earl Grey, hot! with the 3D food printer. We will not try to produce both cup and hot liquid simultaneously ever again.

Listen above, or at the Cooking the Books website, or subscribe to the Cooking the Books feedburner OR !!! Very Exciting and NEW — At iTunes!

*Please note the contest mentioned in the podcast is now over. Stay tuned for more shenanigans!

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