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On January 5th, Jake Kerr will release Book 2 (after Tommy Black and the Staff of Light) in his Tommy Black series for middle grade readers, Tommy Black and the Coat of Invincibility. Here’s the cover and synopsis!

About the book:

With young magicians struggling to understand their powers and magical artifacts that are being stolen by Nazis, the Tommy Black series is a unique and exciting mixture of Harry Potter and Indiana Jones. The four book series follows Tommy and his magician friend Naomi’s quest to understand and recover the three magical artifacts of Jamshid, the great Persian emperor and magician. In a twist on the traditional coming-of-age tale, as the series progresses Tommy’s power lessens, and that of his friend Naomi increases.

Set in 1938, Tommy Black and the Staff of Light features a world where magic is dying in the face of technology. Tommy confronts difficult questions throughout his journey. How should he handle a magical legacy built on lies? Are allies with their own agenda really allies? Should he let magic fade away or should he help preserve it? Why does no one take Naomi seriously? What about enslaved magical creatures and the theft of ancient Persian artifacts? And, in the end, when you are the only one who can save everyone and all you can do is manipulate light, is that enough? He faces all of those while trying to save his grandfather from Djinn.

Tommy Black and the Coat of Invincibility takes place in 1940 war-torn Europe. Dedicated to reshaping his family’s legacy, Tommy Black has spent two years mastering the powerful Staff of Light and freeing the magical creatures in England. While he was focusing on his personal mission, however, Germany had invaded Europe, igniting the flames of world war.

Desiring to help, Tommy volunteers to free the magical creatures in Germany to disrupt the Nazi war machine. Joined by his friend, the powerful magician Naomi, and two others, the group soon discover an extraordinary secret that changes everything–Tommy may not be the only Archmage in the world.

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