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[Cover Gallery] January Releases in Comics and Graphic Novels

Here’s the latest of our monthly comics and graphic novel roundups

See anything worth picking up?

  1. House of the Moon Queen (Moon Queen and The Bee) by Chris Reynolds
  2. Aquila by Gordon Rennie (2000 AD)
  3. Puppet Master Volume 2: Rebirth by Shawn Gabborin (Action Lab Entertainment)
  1. Zombie Tramp Volume 4: Unholy Tales of the Dirty South by Jason Martin (Action Lab Entertainment)
  2. Zombie Tramp Vs. Vampblade by Jason Martin (Action Lab Entertainment)
  3. Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 2 Research by Thomas Siddell (Archaia)
  1. Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set, 2nd Ed. by David Petersen (Archaia)
  2. Afterlife with Archie: Betty R.I.P. by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Archie Comics)
  3. Mega Man 9: Dawn of X by Ian Flynn (Archie Comics)
  1. Broken Pieces Volume 1 by Mark Roslan (Aspen MLT, Inc.)
  2. Jirni Volume 1: Shadows & Dust by J. T. Krul (Aspen MLT, Inc.)
  3. Lola XOXO Volume 1: The Journey Home (Lola Xoxo Tp) by Siya Oum (Aspen MLT, Inc.)
  1. Soulfire: Shadow Magic Volume 1 by Vince Hernandez (Aspen MLT, Inc.)
  2. Fathom: Kiani, Volume 2: Blade of Fury by Vince Hernandez (Aspen Mlt, Inc.)
  3. Crossed: Wish You Were Here Volumes 1-4 Slipcase Edition by Simon Spurrier (Avatar Press)
  1. Night of the Living Dead Complete TPs (Slipcase Edition) by John Russo (Avatar Press)
  2. Big Trouble in Little China Vol. 2 by Eric Powell (BOOM! Studios)
  3. Clive Barker’s Nightbreed Vol. 2 by Clive Barker (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Crimson Vol. 1 by Brian Augustyn (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Dead Letters Vol. 2 by Christopher Sebela (BOOM! Studios)
  3. Deep State Vol. 2 by Justin Jordan (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Fiction Squad by Paul Jenkins (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Irredeemable Premier Vol. 1 by Mark Waid (BOOM! Studios)
  3. The Woods Vol. 3 by James Tynion IV (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Wild’s End by Dan Abnett (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Disaster Drawn: Visual Witness, Comics, and Documentary Form by Hillary L. Chute (Belknap Press)
  3. 12 Reasons To Die Volume 1 by Ghostface Killah (Black Mask Comics)
  1. Critical Hit Volume 1 by Matt Miner (Black Mask Comics)
  2. Last Born Volume 1 by Patrick Meaney (Black Mask Comics)
  3. Pirouette Volume 1 by Mark L Miller (Black Mask Comics)
  1. Manga in America: Transnational Book Publishing and the Domestication of Japanese Comics by Casey Brienza (Bloomsbury Academic)
  2. Race for the Moon by Jack Kirby (Canton Street Press)
  3. The Black Virgin: The Marquis of Anaon (Vol. 2) by Fabien Vehlmann (Cinebook, Ltd)
  1. Batgirl Vol. 1: Silent Knight by Kelley Puckett (DC Comics)
  2. Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity Deluxe Edition by Matt Wagner (DC Comics)
  3. Batman: Arkham Knight Vol. 1 by Peter Tomasi (DC Comics)
  1. Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 6: Icarus (The New 52) by Francis Manapul (DC Comics)
  2. Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 7 (The New 52) by Brian Buccellato (DC Comics)
  3. Grayson Vol. 1: Agents Of Spyral (The New 52) by Tom King (DC Comics)
  1. Grayson Vol. 2 (The New 52) by Tom King (DC Comics)
  2. Green Arrow By Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino Deluxe Edition by Jeff Lemire (DC Comics)
  3. Green Arrow Vol. 4: Blood of the Dragon (Green Arrow (DC Comics Paperback)) by Mike Grell (DC Comics)
  1. Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse Vol. 2 by Dan Abnett (DC Comics)
  2. New Teen Titans Vol. 4 by George Perez (DC Comics)
  3. Nightwing Vol. 3 by Chuck Dixon (DC Comics)
  1. Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 7 (The New 52) by Scott Lobdell (DC Comics)
  2. Showcase Presents: Batman Vol. 6 by Dennis O’Neil (DC Comics)
  3. Superman: Doomed by Charles Soule (DC Comics)
  1. The Flash Vol. 6: Out Of Time (The New 52) (Flash (DC Comics Numbered)) by Robert Venditti (DC Comics)
  2. The Flash Vol. 7 (The New 52) by Robert Venditti (DC Comics)
  3. Angel and Faith: Season Nine Library Edition Volume 3 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Christos Gage (Dark Horse Books)
  1. B.P.R.D Hell On Earth Volume 12 : Metamorphosis by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Baltimore Volume 6: The Cult of the Red King by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Books)
  3. Once Upon a Time Machine Volume 2 by Various (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Astro Boy Omnibus Volume 2 by Osamu Tezuka (Dark Horse Manga)
  2. Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus Volume 11 by Kazuo Koike (Dark Horse Manga)
  3. Damsels Volume 1 by John Reppion (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. Dark Shadows Volume 2 by Stuart Manning (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Green Hornet Omnibus Volume 1 by Kevin Smith (Dynamite Entertainment)
  3. Legenderry: Green Hornet by Daryl Gregory (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. Pathfinder Volume 4: Origins (Pathfinder Hc) by Erik Mona (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Swords of Sorrow: The Complete Saga by Gail Simone (Dynamite Entertainment)
  3. Terminal Hero by Peter Milligan (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. The Art of Painted Comics by (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Vampirella Archives Volume 13 by Bill DuBay (Dynamite Entertainment)
  3. Warlord of Mars Omnibus Volume 1 (Warlord of Mars Omnibus Tp) by Arvid Nelson (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. Gahan Wilson’s Out There by Gahan Wilson (Fantagraphics)
  2. Superman Is Jewish?: How Comic Book Superheroes Came to Serve Truth, Justice, and the Jewish-American Way by Harry Brod (Free Press)
  3. The Legend Of LIONMAN and The Seven KURODOS: Fighting For Universal Peace (Lionman Series) by Eric O’Neal Sr. (Heritage Builders)
  1. The Phantom: The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume 9 (Phantom Comp Dailies Hc) by Lee Falk (Hermes Press)
  2. The Swords of Glass by Sylviane Corgiat (Humanoids)
  3. The Tipping Point #1 : Part 1 by Enki Bilal (Humanoids Inc)
  1. Classic G.I. JOE Volume 17 by Larry Hama (IDW Publishing)
  2. Devil Tales by Various (IDW Publishing)
  3. Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Omnibus by Ed Greenwood (IDW Publishing)
  1. G.I. JOE: The Complete Collection Volume 8 by Larry Hama (IDW Publishing)
  2. Horror by Heck! by Don Heck (IDW Publishing)
  3. Insufferable Volume 1 (Insufferable Tp) by Mark Waid (IDW Publishing)
  1. Locke & Key: Shades of Terror Coloring Book by Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW Publishing)
  2. My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding by Various (IDW Publishing)
  3. Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs by Mairghread Scott (IDW Publishing)
  1. Star Trek Volume 11 (Star Trek Ongoing Tp) by Mike Johnson (IDW Publishing)
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Annual Deluxe Edition by Kevin B. Eastman (IDW Publishing)
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 13: Vengeance Part 2 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing Tp) by Kevin Eastman (IDW Publishing)
  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Collection Volume 6 by Kevin Eastman (IDW Publishing)
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Ultimate Newspaper Comics Collection Volume 2 (1979-1981) by Stan Lee (IDW Publishing)
  3. The Maxx: Maxximized Volume 5 by Sam Kieth (IDW Publishing)
  1. The Shrinking Man by Ted Adams (IDW Publishing)
  2. Transformers/G.I. JOE: Tyrants Rise, Heroes Are Born by John Ney Rieber (IDW Publishing)
  3. Transformers: Movie Collection Volume 2 by Chris Mowry (IDW Publishing)
  1. V-Wars: Night Terrors by James A., III Moore (IDW Publishing)
  2. Zombies vs Robots Volume 2: War! ‘Bots (Zombies Vs Robots Tp) by Chris Ryall (IDW Publishing)
  3. Kaptara Volume 1 (Kaptara Tp) by Chip Zdarsky (Image Comics)
  1. Lady Pendragon Volume 1 by Matt Hawkins (Image Comics)
  2. Revival Volume 6 (Revival Tp) by Tim Seeley (Image Comics)
  3. Reyn Volume 2 by Kel Symons (Image Comics)
  1. Roche Limit: Clandestiny by Michael Moreci (Image Comics)
  2. Shutter Volume 3: Quo Vadis (Shutter Tp) by Joe Keatinge (Image Comics)
  3. Southern Cross Volume 1 (Southern Cross Tp) by Becky Cloonan (Image Comics)
  1. Tech Jacket Volume 4: All Falls Down by Joe Keatinge (Image Comics)
  2. Muirwood: The Lost Abbey Graphic Novel (Covenant of Muirwood) by Jeff Wheeler (Jet City Comics)
  3. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 6 by Miki Yoshikawa (Kodansha Comics)
  1. POET ANDERSON: The Dream Walker by Tom Delonge (Magnetic Press)
  2. RE*PRO*DUCT Volume 1 (Re Pro Duct Hc) by Austin Wilson (Magnetic Press)
  3. Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 by Dan Slott (Marvel)
  1. Avengers: Time Runs Out Vol. 3 by Jonathan Hickman (Marvel)
  2. Color Your Own Deadpool by Various (Marvel)
  3. Daredevil Epic Collection: A Touch of Typhoid (Epic Collection: Daredevil) by Ann Nocenti (Marvel)
  1. Deadpool Classic Omnibus Vol. 1 by Christopher Priest (Marvel)
  2. Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  3. Deadpool: Flashbacks by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Death of Wolverine by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Future Imperfect: Warzones! (Secret Wars: Warzones!: Future Imperfect) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  3. Ghost Racers (Secret Wars: Battleworld: Ghost Racers) by Felipe Smith (Marvel)
  1. Guardians Team-Up Vol. 2: Unlikely Story by Bill Willingham (Marvel)
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 by Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel)
  3. Hail Hydra by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. House of M: Warzones! by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 4 (A.K.a. Jessica Jones: Alias) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  3. M.O.D.O.K. Assassin by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Marvel Masterworks: The Sub-Mariner Vol. 7 (Marvel Masterworks: Sub-Mariner) by Bill Everett (Marvel)
  2. Master of Kung Fu: Battleworld (Master of Kung Fu/Ghost Racers) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  3. Planet Hulk: Warzones (Secret Wars: Warzones!: Planet Hulk) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Punisher Max Complete Collection Vol. 1 by Garth Ennis (Marvel)
  2. S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary by Matthew Rosenberg (Marvel)
  3. Silver Surfer Vol. 3: Last Days by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Star Wars Vol. 2: Showdown on Smugglers Moon (Star Wars (Marvel)) by Jason Aaron (Marvel)
  2. Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 2: Shadows and Secrets (Star Wars (Marvel)) by Kieron Gillen (Marvel)
  3. Star Wars: Lando (Star Wars (Marvel)) by Charles Soule (Marvel)
  1. Superior Iron Man Vol. 1: Infamous by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Ultimate End (Secret Wars: Battleworld: Ultimate End) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  3. Where Monsters Dwell: The Phantom Eagle Flies the Savage Skies (Secret Wars: Warzones!: Where Monsters Dwell) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. X-Men Epic Collection: The Gift (Epic Collection: X-Men) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Vol. 3: Omega by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  3. The New Mutants: Superheroes and the Radical Imagination of American Comics (Postmillennial Pop) by Ramzi Fawaz (NYU Press)
  1. Blood Feud #4 by Cullen Bunn (Oni Press)
  2. Hellbreak #10 by Cullen Bunn (Oni Press)
  3. Invader Zim #6 by KC Green (Oni Press)
  1. Invader Zim Volume 1 (Invader Zim Tp) by Jhonen Vasquez (Oni Press)
  2. Letter 44 #22 by Charles Soule (Oni Press)
  3. Letter 44 Volume 3: Dark Matter (Letter 44 Tp) by Charles Soule (Oni Press)
  1. Rick and Morty #10 by Zac Gorman (Oni Press)
  2. The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy (Popular Culture and Philosophy) by Wayne Yuen (ed.)( (Open Court)
  3. Medusa’s Daughter GN Library Edition by Jonathon Scott Fuqua (Red Giant Entertainment)
  1. Rebel Angles by Matthew Ritter (SLG Publishing)
  2. Tabatha by Neil Gibson (TPub)
  1. Doctor Who: Four Doctors by Paul Cornell (Titan Comics)
  2. Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time Omnibus by Scott Tipton (Titan Comics)
  3. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Archives: Omnibus Volume Three by Paul Cornell (Titan Comics)
  1. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2.4 (Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: 2.4) by Rob Williams (Titan Comics)
  2. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor: Vol. 2 by Robbie Morrison (Titan Comics)
  3. The X-Files The Official Collection Volume 1 by Titan Comics (Titan Comics)
  1. Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters by Scott Kurtz (Toonhound Studios LLC)
  2. Archer & Armstrong: The Complete Classic Omnibus by Barry Windsor-Smith (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  3. X-O Manowar Volume 10: Exodus by Robert Venditti (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. Seraph of the End, 1: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen by Takaya Kagami (Vertical)
  2. FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 4 by Simon Oliver (Vertigo)
  3. John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 12: How to Play with Fire by Paul Jenkins (Vertigo)
  1. Aliens vs. Zombies by Joe Brusha (Zenescope)
  2. Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Goddess, Inc. by Manuel Preitano and Latoya Morgan (Zenescope)
  3. Grimm Fairy Tales Source Book by Joe Brusha (Zenescope)
  1. Grimm Fairy Tales presents Coven by Zach Calig (Zenescope)
  2. Grimm Fairy Tales: Godstorm – Hercules Payne Volume 1 by Patrick Shand (Zenescope)
  3. Grimm Fairy Tales: Masumi – Blades of Sin by Joe Tyler (Zenescope)
  1. Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood Omnibus by Pat Shand (Zenescope)
  2. Monster Hunters Survival Guide Case Files by Neo Edmund (Zenescope)
  3. Robyn Hood Volume 3: Attitude Adjustment by Pat Shand (Zenescope)
  1. Wonderland Volume 8 (Gft Wonderland Tp) by Joe Brusha (Zenescope)
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