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Did You Know SF Signal Has Dozens of People and Hundreds of Posts Eligible for the Hugo Award?

[Sniff, sniff…] Ah, the smell of Hugo Awards season, full of hopes and dreams and…is that potpourri? I prefer a nice vanilla-scented candle myself. This is the time of year when the Internet becomes filled with award eligibility posts and recommendation for award-worthy works of others.

Here at SF Signal — winner of three Hugo Awards: two for Best Fanzine and one for Best Fancast, thank you! — we think it’s great that folks are made aware of things that might be eligible, so voters can make informed decisions.

To that end, here’s a rundown of Hugo categories for which SF Signal contributors (both regular and visiting) are eligible for work published here on SF Signal. I am personally not entertaining any Hugo nominations for myself this year, but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the hard work of one of the best volunteer blogging teams around.


Here’s a list of the awesome folks who regularly contributed to SF Signal in 2105 and are eligible for Best Fan Writer, should you be so kind as to see them worthy of a nomination. Many of them are eligible in other categories as well, so do check out their linked websites to learn more.


Our incredible lineup of guest posts means that each guest contributor is eligible for Best Related Work, should you be so kind as to see it worthy of a nomination.

  1. Nancy Holder Offers 5 Tips for Writing about Your Favorite TV Show [January 1, 2015]
  2. Danielle Ackley-McPhail on Tales of THE WEIRD WILD WEST [January 5, 2015]
  3. Steve Bein on What Nietzsche Taught Him About Writing Fiction [January 6, 2015]
  4. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: January 2015 Edition [January 7, 2015]
  5. Teresa Frohock and Alex Bledsoe on the Collaboration Behind HISSES AND WINGS [January 8, 2015]
  6. Exclusive Cover Reveal and Behind-the-Scenes Look: THE VENUSIAN GAMBIT by Michael J. Martinez [January 8, 2015]
  7. Genre TV Junkyard: William I. Lengeman III on Holmes & Yo-Yo [January 9, 2015]
  8. Jamie Metzl on Human Genetic Enhancement [January 12, 2015]
  9. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Teresa Frohock on Disabilities and Strength in the Heart of a Warrior [January 13, 2015]
  10. W.C. Bauers, Author of UNBREAKABLE, on The Humanity of War [January 14, 2015]
  11. Leah Petersen on Same-Sex Relationships in Sci-Fi [January 16, 2015]
  12. Neil Vogler, Author of TRIPLER, with 8 Tips on Writing Effective Action Sequences [January 19, 2015]
  13. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: L. Jagi Lamplighter on Meditations on a Blind Man’s Journey Through Hell [January 20, 2015]
  14. Fran Wilde Interviews Elizabeth Bear about her New Steampunk Novel KAREN MEMORY [January 20, 2015]
  15. Brian Staveley, Author of PROVIDENCE OF FIRE, on Fictional History and True Stories [January 21, 2015]
  16. Adam Rowe on The Most Ridiculous Moon Landings in Science Fiction History [January 22, 2015]
  17. Jeff Somers (WE ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE) on The Lazy Writer’s Guide to Mixing Genres [January 23, 2015]
  18. Tim Marquitz (DIRGE) on Writing From Different Perspectives [January 26, 2015]
  19. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Corrina Lawson on Reading Bujold [January 27, 2015]
  20. Myke Cole on Writing From a Woman’s POV and the Danger of Preconception [January 27, 2015]
  21. Open Road Media Chats with Robin McKinley About Her Career and Winning the Newbery Award for THE HERO AND THE CROWN [January 28, 2015]
  22. Henry Herz on Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes and Some Very Special Dinner Guests [January 28, 2015]
  23. Rob J Hayes, Author of THE COLOR OF VENGEANCE on Fantastical Heroes [January 29, 2015]
  24. Cooking the Books with Scott H. Andrews, Editor of BENEATH CEASELESS SKIES [January 30, 2015]
  25. Genre TV Junkyard: William I. Lengeman III on Gilligan’s Planet [January 30, 2015]
  26. Sam Sykes (THE CITY STAINED RED) on Why Writing Should Be Hard, and Why Hardship Makes Good Stories [February 2, 2015]
  27. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Douglas Wynne (RED EQUINOX) On Invisible Monsters [February 3, 2015]
  28. Travis Heermann (THE RONIN TRILOGY) On Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of Research [February 3, 2015]
  29. Kristi Charish (OWL AND THE JAPANESE CIRCUS) on Science and Writing Speculative Fiction [February 4, 2015]
  30. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: February 2015 Edition [February 5, 2015]
  31. Marshall Ryan Maresca (THE THORN OF DENTONHILL), on Why Epic and Urban Fantasy Aren’t Always Mutually Exclusive [February 5, 2015]
  32. Jen Williams (THE COPPER PROMISE) on Five No-Nonsense Women of Fantasy [February 6, 2015]
  33. Rebecca Adams Wright (THE THING ABOUT GREAT WHITE SHARKS) on Grim Subjects and Dark Humor [February 9, 2015]
  34. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: J.T. Evans on Mental Disorders in the Creative Mind [February 10, 2015]
  35. Viola Carr (THE DIABOLICAL MISS HYDE) on the Intersection of Magic and Science [February 10, 2015]
  36. Leanna Renee Hieber (ETERNA FILES) on Why She Writes Gaslamp Fantasy [February 11, 2015]
  37. Jeff Somers on Magic and Morals [February 12, 2015]
  38. Erik Williams (Author of GUARDIAN) Tells Us Why He Writes About Angels and Demons [February 13, 2015]
  39. E.L. Tettensor (MASTER OF PLAGUES) Discusses Her Unique Approach to Worldbuilding [February 16, 2015]
  40. John Mierau Explores What Happened After “War of the Worlds” in ASUNDER [February 16, 2015]
  41. THE LOTERIA MATCH GAME (1 of 6) by John Picacio [February 16, 2015]
  42. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Geoff Matthews (THE STONE ROAD) on “Hidden” Disabilities [February 17, 2015]
  43. THE LOTERIA MATCH GAME (2 of 6) by John Picacio [February 17, 2015]
  44. THE LOTERIA MATCH GAME (3 of 6) by John Picacio [February 18, 2015]
  45. Terry Newman (DETECTIVE STRONGOAK AND THE CASE OF THE DEAD ELF) on The Natural History of Fairyland [February 18, 2015]
  46. Alvaro Zinos-Amaro’s Crackpot Questions for Paul McAuley, Author of SOMETHING COMING THROUGH [February 19, 2015]
  47. Christie Meierz (THE FALL) on The Women of Lee & Miller’s Liaden Universe [February 19, 2015]
  48. THE LOTERIA MATCH GAME (4 of 6) by John Picacio [February 19, 2015]
  49. Timothy Johnson (CARRIER) on Lasers, Phasers, and Blasters in Star Wars and Star Trek [February 20, 2015]
  50. THE LOTERIA MATCH GAME (5 of 6) by John Picacio [February 20, 2015]
  51. Play THE LOTERIA MATCH GAME with John Picacio (Part 6 of 6) [February 21, 2015]
  52. Jonah Knight on Writing the Body Electric (Part 1) [February 23, 2015]
  53. Adam Christopher (ELEMENTARY: THE GHOST LINE) on Juggling Genre [February 24, 2015]
  54. Marjorie Sandor, Editor of THE UNCANNY READER, Explores the Border Between SF and the Uncanny [February 24, 2015]
  55. Timothy C. Ward on The Best Things About Writing SCAVENGER: EVOLUTION [March 2, 2015]
  56. Michaele Jordan on Anime: More Alternatives to Demon Fighting Teenagers [March 3, 2015]
  57. Gabriel Squailia (THE DEAD BOYS) on The Eternal Struggle [March 3, 2015]
  58. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: March 2015 Edition [March 5, 2015]
  59. Jonathan Wood (ANTI-HERO) on Nameless Horrors and Complicated Villains [March 9, 2015]
  60. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Raven Oak (AMASKAN’S BLOOD) Discusses Writing Heroes Who Triumph in Spite of Their Disabilities [March 10, 2015]
  61. Ian Tregillis, Author of THE MECHANICAL, Reveals the Clakker Lease Agreement [March 12, 2015]
  62. A Science Fiction Pop Quiz by Matt Richtel, Author of THE DOOMSDAY EQUATION [March 13, 2015]
  63. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Author David Edison (THE WAKING ENGINE) on the Power of Storytelling [March 17, 2015]
  64. LESS THAN HERO Author S.G. Browne on the Power of Super (Heroes) [March 17, 2015]
  65. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World [March 18, 2015]
  66. Seth Skorkowsky (MOUNTAIN OF DAGGERS) on Sword and Sorcery [March 20, 2015]
  67. Oliver Langmead (DARK STAR) on What “Epic” Really Means [March 20, 2015]
  68. Sarah Hendrix Chats With Bryan Thomas Schmidt About SPECULATIONS K.C. [March 23, 2015]
  69. Convention Attention: Dallas ComicCon Fan Days [March 23, 2015]
  70. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Sandra M. Odell on Compassion and Hidden Disabilities [March 24, 2015]
  71. Tee Morris (THE DIAMOND CONSPIRACY) on The Evolution of Steampunk [March 30, 2015]
  72. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Chrysoula Tzavelas on Neurodiversity in Fiction [March 31, 2015]
  73. Peter Tieryas on THE GRACE OF KINGS by Ken Liu [April 1, 2015]
  74. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: April 2015 Edition [April 2, 2015]
  75. Arianne “Tex” Thompson (MEDICINE FOR THE DEAD) Discusses Language Barriers in SFF [April 3, 2015]
  76. Doug Molitor (MEMOIRS OF A TIME TRAVELER) Explores Time Travel Logic in SFF [April 6, 2015]
  77. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Tsana Dolichva On the DEFYING DOOMSDAY Anthology [April 7, 2015]
  78. Cooking the Books Double Episode with Fran Wilde (UPDRAFT), V.E. Schwab (A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC), and Jodi Meadows (THE ORPHAN QUEEN) [April 7, 2015]
  79. Ken Liu (THE GRACE OF KINGS) Discusses Silkpunk and a New Aesthetic [April 7, 2015]
  80. Peter Orullian On the Fantasy Stories That Inspired THE UNREMEMBERED [April 8, 2015]
  81. Jeff Somers (WE ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE) on Writing and Constructed Languages [April 9, 2015]
  82. Michael Aronovitz (THE WITCH OF THE WOOD) on Combining Horror and Humor [April 9, 2015]
  83. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Mercy Thompson [April 9, 2015]
  84. Ethan Reid (THE UNDYING) on SFF Mashups and the Best of All Possible Worlds [April 10, 2015]
  85. Steve McHugh (PRISON OF HOPE) on Mixing Mythology with Urban Fantasy [April 13, 2015]
  86. DK Mok (HUNT FOR VALAMON) on Heroic Healers in Fantasy [April 14, 2015]
  87. Jamie Todd Rubin Revisits The Handheld Games of the 80s [April 15, 2015]
  88. Robert Levy on the Books Inspired THE GLITTERING WORLD [April 16, 2015]
  89. Convention Attention: Odisseia de Literatura Fantástica de Porto Alegre: A Brazilian SFF Odyssey [April 20, 2015]
  90. How the Future Sounds: Composer Steve Buick on Making Music for Science Fiction [April 23, 2015]
  91. Richard Knaak (DUTCHMAN) on Why He’s NOT Writing the Great American Novel [April 24, 2015]
  92. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Raederle of An [April 29, 2015]
  93. Beth Cato (THE DEEPEST POISON) on WHY, not HOW: Developing Miss Percival as a Sympathetic Villain [April 30, 2015]
  94. Tina Connolly and Spencer Ellsworth Debut “Lion Tamer”, an Original Song to Accompany SERIOUSLY WICKED [April 30, 2015]
  95. Edward M. Lerner on The Magic of Being Distinguishable from Magic [May 4, 2015]
  96. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: May 2015 Edition [May 6, 2015]
  97. Gail Z. Martin (WAR OF SHADOWS) on The Hero’s Journey and Coming Home [May 7, 2015]
  98. Scott Britz (THE IMMORTALIST) on the Science of Fear [May 11, 2015]
  99. Mike Allen on the Heart of CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 5 [May 12, 2015]
  100. Cooking the Books with Fran Wilde (UPDRAFT) and Ken Liu (THE GRACE OF KINGS) [May 14, 2015]
  101. Chris Beckett (MOTHER OF EDEN) on Fiction, the Future, and Responsibility [May 15, 2015]
  102. Django Wexler on The Story Behind THE SHADOW OF ELYSIUM [May 19, 2015]
  103. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Dianora di Certando from Guy Gavriel Kay’s TIGANA [May 21, 2015]
  104. Marc Turner on Distinguishing His Cast of Characters in WHEN THE HEAVENS FALL [May 22, 2015]
  105. How J. Nichols Mowery (THE PARALLEL LIVES OF ELIZABETH ANN) I Found Herself in Fantasy Land [May 25, 2015]
  106. Nancy Springer (THE SILVER SUN) on How She Started Writing Fantasy [May 26, 2015]
  107. Peter Orullian (TRIAL OF INTENTIONS) on Death and Honor in Fantasy Fiction [May 27, 2015]
  108. Convention Attention: WisCon 39 [May 28, 2015]
  109. Duncan McGeary (TUSKERS) on Making ANIMAL FARM Real [May 29, 2015]
  110. Jo Zebedee (ABENDAU’S HEIR) Asks: Should SFF Have a Funny Bone? [June 1, 2015]
  111. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Peter Orullian (TRIAL OF INTENTIONS) on Disease and Debility [June 2, 2015]
  112. NOVA Author Margaret Fortune on Broadening the Appeal of Speculative Fiction [June 2, 2015]
  113. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: June 2015 Edition [June 3, 2015]
  114. Alex Kane Chats with Bradley Weatherholt, Director of the Star Wars Documentary THE PREQUELS STRIKE BACK [June 4, 2015]
  115. Eva Darrows (Author of THE AWESOME) on Avoiding Insta-Love and Keeping it Real in Teen Romance [June 4, 2015]
  116. Morgan Kraljevich Discusses the Time Travel Film PREDESTINATION [June 5, 2015]
  117. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Beth Cato (THE CLOCKWORK CROWN) on Sensory Overload [June 9, 2015]
  118. Fantasy Heroines That Rock Helen Lowe’s World: Pania of the Reef from Tina Makereti’s “Shapeshifter” [June 10, 2015]
  119. J.S. Bangs on STORM BRIDE and Strong Female Characters [June 11, 2015]
  120. James P. Blaylock (BENEATH LONDON) on Must-Read (and Must-See) Steampunk [June 12, 2015]
  121. Tansy Rayner Roberts on Fantasy, Female Writers & The Politics of Influence [June 15, 2015]
  122. Special Needs in Strange Worlds Dan Wells (THE DEVIL’S ONLY FRIEND) on Writing Mental Illness [June 16, 2015]
  123. K.M. McKinley (Author of THE IRON SHIP) on Dealing With Demons [June 17, 2015]
  124. Michael R. Fletcher (BEYOND REDEMPTION) on the Logic of Madness [June 18, 2015]
  125. Adam Morgan Chats with Sarah Lotz, author of DAY FOUR [June 18, 2015]
  126. Melissa Grey on Video Games and THE GIRL AT MIDNIGHT [June 19, 2015]
  127. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Chris Beckett (MOTHER OF EDEN) on The Outside View [June 23, 2015]
  128. Paul Preuss on the Myth of Icarus, and the Inspiration for STARFIRE (+ Special Offer!) [June 25, 2015]
  129. Bennett R. Coles (VIRTUES OF WAR) Salutes Five of the Best Military Sci-Fi Classics [June 29, 2015]
  130. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Shanna Germain on Accessibility and Visibility [June 30, 2015]
  131. Dinosaurs Are Coming! An Exclusive Look at Art from THE DINOSAUR LORDS by Victor Milán (+ Giveaway) [July 2, 2015]
  132. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: July 2015 Edition [July 3, 2015]
  133. Gail Z. Martin Gives Us the Inside Scoop on Co-Authoring [July 6, 2015]
  134. Fran Wilde Interviews Max Gladstone, author of LAST FIRST SNOW [July 7, 2015]
  135. J.A. McLachlan (THE OCCASIONAL DIAMOND THIEF) on Ethics and Science Fiction [July 7, 2015]
  136. How to Write a Matriarchy by THE SHORES OF SPAIN Author J. Kathleen Cheney (+GIVEAWAY!) [July 8, 2015]
  137. Brian Kirk (WE ARE MONSTERS) on Applying Primitive Technologies to Futuristic Fiction [July 9, 2015]
  138. The Appeal of Grimdark by C.T. Phipps, Author of ESOTERRORISM [July 10, 2015]
  139. Freda Warrington (THE DARK ARTS OF BLOOD) Names 5 Paranormal Fantasy Masterpieces You Won’t Want to Miss [July 14, 2015]
  140. LAST FIRST SNOW Author Max Gladstone on the Evolution of the CRAFT Series [July 14, 2015]
  141. Rhonda Mason (THE EMPRESS GAME) Shares 6 Must-Read Space Opera Authors [July 15, 2015]
  142. Una McCormack, Author of THE BABA YAGA (with Eric Brown) on Ensemble Casts [July 16, 2015]
  143. Zachary Jernigan Discusses the Challenges He Faced While Writing SHOWER OF STONES [July 20, 2015]
  144. The Video Games of Today Will Birth Tomorrow’s Storytellers, says Alex Kane [July 21, 2015]
  145. David B. Coe (a.k.a. D.B. Jackson) on Community and Genre (Part 1) [July 22, 2015]
  146. Kerrie L. Hughes Interviews Comic Author and Artist Bill Willingham (FABLES) [July 24, 2015]
  147. Josh Bycer Reminisces about RESIDENT EVIL’s 20 Years of Terror [July 27, 2015]
  148. Kate Heartfield on Strangeness in Truth and Fiction [July 28, 2015]
  149. Fede Ponce on His New TV Series SEBASTIAN: THE SLUMBERLAND ODYSSEY [July 28, 2015]
  150. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Bitterblue from Kristin Cashore’s BITTERBLUE (Graceling) [July 29, 2015]
  151. Martin Berman-Govine (HEROES OF EARTH) on Message-Driven Science Fiction [July 29, 2015]
  152. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: August 2015 Edition [July 30, 2015]
  153. Avoiding Middle Book Syndrome by Django Wexler, Author of THE PRICE OF VALOR [July 31, 2015]
  154. C.S.E. Cooney on Mythic Sacrifice in BONE SWANS and Beyond [July 31, 2015]
  155. Mike Jenne on the Origins of the Techno-Thriller BLUE GEMINI [August 3, 2015]
  156. Stina Leicht, Author of COLD IRON, on Fantasy and Magic Systems [August 4, 2015]
  157. David B. Coe (aka D.B. Jackson) on Community and Genre (Part 2) [August 5, 2015]
  158. Cooking the Books with Fran Wilde (UPDRAFT), Nene Ormes, and Karin Tidbeck (JAGANNATH STORIES) [August 5, 2015]
  159. Christopher Farnsworth, Author of THE ETERNAL WORLD, Shares a Few of His Favorite Immortals [August 7, 2015]
  160. Cathy Clamp, author of FORBIDDEN, Shares 7 Urban Fantasy Novels That Shaped Her Love of the Genre [August 10, 2015]
  161. Louise Marley, Author of THE CHILD GODDESS, on Medicine in Science Fiction [August 13, 2015]
  162. Brenda Cooper (CRACKING THE SKY) on Science Fiction and Philosophy [August 14, 2015]
  163. Darryl Knickrehm (THE IMMORTAL) Names 3 Old Time Anti-Heroes That Rival Today’s [August 14, 2015]
  164. Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas Want YOU…to Join the Space Unicorn Rangers Corps, AGAIN! [August 17, 2015]
  165. Laura Liddell Nolen (THE ARK) on Why Superman is Relevant in the Postmodern Era [August 17, 2015]
  166. R.S. Belcher (NIGHTWISE) on the Dark Side of Urban Fantasy [August 18, 2015]
  167. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Ista from Lois McMaster Bujold’s PALADIN OF SOULS [August 19, 2015]
  168. Tom Doyle, author of THE LEFT-HAND WAY, on Writing the Virginal Male Hero [August 20, 2015]
  169. Michaele Jordan Wanders Off the Beaten Anime Path with “The Book of the Dead” [August 21, 2015]
  170. William Vitka (STRANDED) Says the Invasion is Alive and Well [August 24, 2015]
  171. David Liss Shares the Top 10 Genre Tropes That Influenced RANDOMS [August 25, 2015]
  172. DeAnna Knippling, Author of ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN UNDERLAND, on Zombies and What Made Her Love Alice Again [August 26, 2015]
  173. Harris Gray of VAMPIRE VIC 2: MORBIUS REBORN on Vampire Lore, and Creating Vivid Worlds [August 31, 2015]
  174. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: September 2015 Edition [September 3, 2015]
  175. Linda Adair on Painting the Story of METAL ETCHED MEMORIES [September 3, 2015]
  176. Stant Litore (ANSIBLE) on Why Exploration of Time and Space Should Be Colorblind [September 4, 2015]
  177. Behind the Stories of THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR VOL. 7 edited by Ellen Datlow (Part 1) [September 7, 2015]
  178. Behind the Stories of THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR VOL. 7 edited by Ellen Datlow (Part 2) [September 8, 2015]
  179. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Yeine Darr from NK Jemisin’s THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS [September 8, 2015]
  180. Mike Gullickson, Author of THE NORTHERN STAR TRILOGY, on Cyberpunk and the Future [September 9, 2015]
  181. Behind the Stories of THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR VOL. 7 edited by Ellen Datlow (Part 3) [September 9, 2015]
  182. James Van Pelt, author of PANDORA’S GUN, on His 52-Week Writing Challenge [September 10, 2015]
  183. Behind the Stories of THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR VOL. 7 edited by Ellen Datlow (Part 4) [September 10, 2015]
  184. J-F. Dubeau (A GOD IN THE SHED, THE LIFE ENGINEERED) on Why Inkshares Matters [September 11, 2015]
  185. Cecilia Tan, author of THE POET AND THE PROPHECY, on Writing Multi-Genre Fiction [September 14, 2015]
  186. [EXCLUSIVE] Making Covers New: Creating An Epic Look For Helen Lowe’s THE WALL OF NIGHT Series [September 15, 2015]
  187. Edward Ashton (THREE DAYS IN APRIL) on Genetic Engineering and the Fear of Otherness [September 15, 2015]
  188. Ayize Jama-Everett on Writing THE LIMINAL PEOPLE and THE ENTROPY OF BONES [September 16, 2015]
  189. Cooking the Books with Fran Wilde (UPDRAFT), Zen Cho, and Aliette de Bodard [September 16, 2015]
  190. Michael R. Underwood, author of HEXOMANCY, on His Favorite Geeks in Pop Culture [September 18, 2015]
  191. Christie Meierz (FARRYN’S WAR) on Why She Loves C.J. Cherryh’s FOREIGNER Series [September 21, 2015]
  192. Ann Gimpel (Contributing Author to EDGE OF NEVER Boxed Set) on the Magic of World Building [September 21, 2015]
  193. Ian McDonald (LUNA: NEW MOON) on Why the Rookie is a Great Tool for Worldbuilding [September 22, 2015]
  194. Rebecca Alexander, author of THE SECRETS OF BLOOD AND BONE, on the Role of Science in Fantasy Writing [September 24, 2015]
  195. Michael Pogach (THE SPIDER IN THE LAUREL) Likes Dead Scottish Sci-Fi Poets. Wanna Make Something of It? [September 25, 2015]
  196. Samuel Sattin, Author of THE SILENT END, on Monsters and How We Process Fear [September 28, 2015]
  197. Angus Watson, author of the IRON AGE Series, on Rediscovering His Love of Fantasy [September 29, 2015]
  198. Tony Ballantyne, Author of DREAM PARIS, on Building the Science of a Dream World [September 30, 2015]
  199. Garrett Calcaterra, Author of SOULDRIFTER, on Storytelling, and Discovering Your Own Voice [October 1, 2015]
  200. Howard Andrew Jones on Seeking a New Path in PATHFINDER TALES: BEYOND THE POOL OF STARS [October 5, 2015]
  201. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: October 2015 Edition [October 6, 2015]
  202. Nate Crowley (THE SEA HATES A COWARD) Tells Us How Twitter Fiction is Done [October 7, 2015]
  203. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Eowyn of Rohan (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) [October 8, 2015]
  204. Mark A. Latham Shares 5 Victorian Books That Inspired THE LAZARUS GATE [October 9, 2015]
  205. Coming to a Bookstore Near You: The Tor Books Fall Flights of Fantasy Tour [October 12, 2015]
  206. Jennifer Brozek, Author of NEVER LET ME SLEEP, on Portraying Mental Illness in Fiction [October 13, 2015]
  207. Gerrard Cowen, Author of THE MACHINERY, on Battling With Chapter One [October 15, 2015]
  208. Gillian Polack (THE TIME OF THE GHOSTS) on How a Speculative Fiction Writer Writes Non-Fiction [October 20, 2015]
  209. Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, Authors of ILLUMINAE, on Ordinary Heroes [October 21, 2015]
  210. Mitchell Hogan, Author of A CRUCIBLE OF SOULS, on Magic Systems: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [October 22, 2015]
  211. Sue Tingey on the Two Worlds of MARKED [October 23, 2015]
  212. Jeffrey Thomas on VISIONS FROM PUNKTOWN: A COMIC BOOK ANTHOLOGY and a Q&A with Collaborator Christopher Taylor [October 24, 2015]
  213. Brian Burt (BLOOD TIDE) on Sea-Fi: When SF Plumbs the Ocean Depths [October 26, 2015]
  214. Jevon Knights Gives Us 5 Reasons Why Fantasy Readers Should Watch History Channel’s VIKINGS [October 27, 2015]
  215. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Sisterhood Is Powerful, Part 1 – Sheera Galernas & THE LADIES OF MANDRIGYN [October 28, 2015]
  216. Author of CANCEL THE ARK! Takes his Inspiration from Utah, Writes Science Fiction [October 28, 2015]
  217. Gail Z. Martin (IRON & BLOOD) on Small Press vs. Self-Publishing [October 29, 2015]
  218. Chuck Wendig’s STAR WARS: AFTERMATH is a Polarizing Entry in the STAR WARS Series [October 29, 2015]
  219. J.L. Gribble (STEEL VICTORY) on the Evolution of Vampires in Popular Fiction [October 30, 2015]
  220. Lisa Goldstein, Author of WEIGHING SHADOWS, on Overcoming Assumptions About History [November 3, 2015]
  221. Julie E. Czerneda (THIS GULF OF TIME AND STARS) on “Committing Series” [November 3, 2015]
  222. Author Patrick S. Tomlinson (THE ARK) Challenges the Old Adage “Write What You Know” [November 3, 2015]
  223. Tony Peak Discusses Writing INHERIT THE STARS and Seeing His Work Come Full Circle [November 4, 2015]
  224. David Simpson on Writing the POST-HUMAN Series and Adapting it for Film [November 6, 2015]
  225. STAR WARS: MOVING TARGET: A PRINCESS LEIA ADVENTURE by Cecil Castellucci and Jason Fry [November 6, 2015]
  226. A.C. Wise Recommends Women to Read: Helen Marshall, K.L. Owens, Nike Sulway, Tananarive Due [November 9, 2015]
  227. Beth Cato on The Gremlins in WINGS OF SORROW AND BONE [November 10, 2015]
  228. STAR WARS: THE WEAPON OF A JEDI by Jason Fry is a Fast-Paced and Fun Read [November 10, 2015]
  229. James Renner, Author of THE GREAT FORGETTING Asks: Is the Truth Out There? [November 11, 2015]
  230. Michelle Belanger, Author of CONSPIRACY OF ANGELS, Shares Her Top 6 Paranormal Reads [November 12, 2015]
  231. Henry V. O’Neil (DIRE STEPS) Discusses Bill Paxton in “Aliens” and “Edge of Tomorrow” [November 13, 2015]
  232. STAR WARS: LOST STARS by Claudia Gray is a Fantastic, Near-Perfect Entry into the Star Wars Books [November 13, 2015]
  233. Jeff Somers (AVERY CATES) on Psionics and Science Fiction [November 16, 2015]
  234. Exclusive Excerpt: DAUGHTER OF BLOOD (The Wall of Night Book 3) by Helen Lowe [November 16, 2015]
  235. Danie Ware Shares the SFF Novels That Inspired ECKO ENDGAME [November 17, 2015]
  236. STAR WARS: SMUGGLER’S RUN by Greg Rucka Features the Han Solo We All Know and Love [November 18, 2015]
  237. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Sisterhood Is Powerful, Part 2 – Starhawk & Fawn of THE LADIES OF MANDRIGYN [November 24, 2015]
  238. Anne Charnock, author of SLEEPING EMBERS OF AN ORDINARY MINDS, Discusses Taking Risks With Her Writing [December 1, 2015]
  239. A.C. Wise Recommends Women to Read: Arkady Martine, Lesley Nneka Arimah, Nin Harris, and Pandora Hope [December 2, 2015]
  240. Cooking the Books TRIPLE Podcast Action Featuring Ilana C. Myer, Jaime Lee Moyer, Adam Christopher, and Guest Host Paul Weimer [December 3, 2015]
  241. Adam Korenman (WHEN THE STARS FADE) on Dramatizing Space Battles in Film and Fiction [December 4, 2015]
  242. M.J. Moores Tells Us Why Star Trek Won’t Make It to the 23rd Century [December 7, 2015]
  243. Adam Morgan Shares His Picks for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2015 [December 9, 2015]
  244. [AUDIOBOOK REVIEW] STAR WARS: THE PERFECT WEAPON by Delilah S. Dawson is a Lackluster Addition to the Star Wars Book Series [December 9, 2015]
  245. GENRENAUTS Author Michael R. Underwood on Episodic Storytelling and Stealing From the Silver Screen [December 11, 2015]
  246. Michael A. Burstein on the STAR TREK Novel CHILD OF TWO WORLDS by Greg Cox [December 14, 2015]
  247. The Literary Novels of Philip K. Dick [December 17, 2015]
  248. Helen Lowe on the Fantasy Heroines That Rock Her World: Rachael Boucher in Teresa Frohock’s MISERERE: AN AUTUMN TALE [December 22, 2015]
  249. Bradley P. Beaulieu Chats with Megan E. O’Keefe About STEAL THE SKY, and More [December 29, 2015]
  250. Gail Z. Martin on Magic and the Supernatural in VENDETTA [December 29, 2015]
  251. What Writing Shared World Fiction Taught Erin M. Evans About Worldbuilding [December 31, 2015]

We have two podcasts eligible for Best Fancast this year. Should you be so kind as to see them worthy of a nomination, please consider:


Back in 2013, I recused SF Signal from the Best Fanzine category while I remained the editor. Although Kristin Centorcelli took over SF Signal’s editorial reigns back in January 2015 and is eligible for a Hugo Award, she is also not entertaining any nominations this year (though she’s doing a helluva job!)

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  1. SF Signal is awesome!

  2. I’ll bite; why all the recusing of SF Signal from Best Fanzine?!

    • We already won twice (in 2012 and 2013) and wanted any possible future votes to go to others so they could be recognized.

      • I dislike that (it feels like preemptively invaliding voters’ wishes) . . . but on the other paw, I totally understand the desire to have others recognized! Anyway, thanks for explaining. 🙂

        • >>it feels like preemptively invaliding voters’ wishes
          Better to let folks know now than after they cast a vote on us, no?

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  3. I’m not sure what would be better – winning a Hugo or continuing to pester DeNardo to let me hook a few rocket engines to one of his and see how high we can get it. C’mon, John, you’ve got three and you only have two hands, eh? SpaceX is launching again, surely we can too!

  4. This is very cool — I had no idea that my Bill Paxton article could be considered for nomination under the “Best related work” category. Congratulations to all the other contributors as well!

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