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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction: A New Year and Old Favorites, Including an Apex Mega-Issue!

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  1. Apex Magazine #80 – January 2016 – Customer Appreciation mega-issue
  2. Kaleidotrope Winter 2016
  3. SQ Mag #24



Audio – Radio Dramas

Free eBooks – Science Fiction

Architects of Destiny (Cadicle #1) by Amy DuBoff
Out of sight beyond Earth, the Taran empire spans the galaxy from its seat of power on Tararia.
Cris Sietinen was born with rare telekinetic gifts—abilities he refuses to ignore, regardless of the governing Priesthood’s decrees. But, as heir to the most influential Dynasty on Tararia, only a stifled life of business and politics awaits him within the confines of his family’s estate. Determined to be true to himself and explore the potential of his abilities, Cris leaves Tararia to begin a new life touring the stars.
When Cris unexpectedly receives an invitation to join the Tararian Selective Service (TSS), the only organization to offer an official telekinesis training program, a new future awaits. It’s his dream opportunity to be among people like himself, free from the Priesthood and political objectives. Except, Cris’ path was designed, and he’s right where the Priesthood wants him.

[Space Opera Novella – First of Series – Amazon | Kobo]

Cosega Search (The Cosega Sequence #1) by Brandt Legg
He had been looking for it his whole life. When he finally found it, it made no sense.
Now everyone wants it. Nothing will ever be the same again.
Ripley Gaines, a brilliant archeologist, has spent his life searching for an elusive artifact to prove his controversial theory. What he finds shocks even him. The discovery rewrites human history and promises to change the planet’s future. It has to be suppressed.
The most powerful forces in the world align against him, and a deadly competition for the artifact ensues. Capturing Gaines is not enough; he, and everyone who has seen the artifact, must be killed. His only hope, is to stay alive long enough to decode the Cosega Sequence.
Dig far enough into the past… you may just discover the future.

[Science Fiction Adventure Novel – First of Series – Amazon | Kobo]

Invasion (Alien Invasion #1) by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt
They are coming. The countdown has begun.
First visible only as blips on a telescope image, the discovery of objects approaching from Jupiter orbit immediately sets humanity on edge. NASA doesn’t even bother to deny the alien ships’ existence. The popular Astral space app (broadcasting from the far side of the moon and accessible by anyone with internet) has already shown the populace what is coming. So the news has turned from evasion to triage, urging calm and offering the few facts they have:
The objects are enormous, perfectly round spheres numbering in the dozens, maybe hundreds. They are on an approach vector for Earth. And they will arrive in six days…

[Science Fiction Adventure Novel – First of Series – Amazon | B&N | Kobo]

Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales #1) by Jamie McFarlane
When you are old enough to finally become an Earth Mars citizen, everything should be perfect. Right? Not for Liam Hoffen. He’s stuck on a mining asteroid called Colony 40, helping his father work a claim that is never going to pay out. His best friend, Nick James is set for life in James’ Rental business and Liam just discovered that the girl he’s known forever thinks he’s pretty great and now she’s leaving for the Mars Naval Academy.
Liam dreams of sailing the stars. Whenever he gets the chance, he jets into space and floats, wishing to be free of the asteroid that has claimed him. What he doesn’t realize is that fate is about to change everything.
Sometimes you have to lose parts of yourself to gain the stars, and Liam discovers that while it isn’t easy to literally lose parts of yourself to the pirates who attacked your home, gaining the stars is worth everything.

[Military Science Fiction Novel – First of Series – Amazon | B&N | Kobo]

Trespassers by Todd Wynn & Tim Wynn
When four alien visitors arrive on Earth and disappear into the cornfields of Indiana, it is Stewart Faulkner’s job to find them. Who they are, where they’re headed, and what’s important enough to make them jump from a moving spaceship are all questions that Stewart must uncover. And he will have to do it all while
1) training a new team member named Mindy—who is developing a crush on him;
2) flying under the radar of his boss to make sure he’s not removed from the case; and
3) staying one step ahead of a government agent named Karl Bruner, who is determined to expose the presence of aliens on Earth.
As Stewart unravels the layers of this mystery, he discovers that these aliens are connected to his own past in ways he never would have guessed.

[Science Fiction Adventure Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian

Beakers Dozen by Kevin P Gardner
John Fields spent his life devoted to science, a chemist slaving for the government on top-secret assignments — until the day his own creation killed the love of his life. After running from his past for ten years, it catches up to him with the help of Richard Bach: oldest friend and worst enemy. Richard plans to use John’s weapon and wipe out humanity. Equipped with resources beyond John’s wildest imagination, Richard tempts his old friend into bringing down the corruption tangled throughout the world. The only problem? John has a conscience.
[Post-Apocalyptic Novel – Amazon]

Dark Days: The Long Road Home by L M May
Gemma thought she’d seen the last of Christopher Daley.
She was wrong.
When she ends up trapped in the city after an event that devastates society, Gemma has to trust the man who broke her heart as they set out on the long journey back home in a world that will never be the same again.

[Post-Apocalyptic Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian – Young Adult

The Wild (The Wild #1) by Clayton Phillipp
Neela Ray is a seventeen-year-old survivor and brave beyond her years. Neela lives in the forested mountains surrounding the ruined city of Denver – though when someone completely unexpected goes missing from her camp, her life is instantly altered forever. With the abandoned city now overrun by The Wild, Neela must risk everything, even though her people remain desperate to stay hidden.
[YA Dystopian Science Fiction Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Steampunk

Nefertiti’s Heart (The Artifact Hunters #1) by A. W. Exley
Cara Devon has always suffered curiosity and impetuousness, but tangling with a serial killer might cure that. Permanently.
[Steampunk Novel – First of Series – Amazon | B&N | Kobo]

Free eBooks – Fantasy

The Blood Witch (The Blood Reign Chronicles #1) by D. S. Nielsen
The Blood Witch, having been freed from her eternal prison, possesses the body of young Brigette and slaughters their entire village. Brigette’s sweetheart, seventeen-year-old Jak, is the one responsible for releasing the witch’s evil upon the world. Lured by her bewitching magic, Jak is tricked into freeing her and is now infected by the witch’s insidious gift. He must fight to maintain his humanity as well as his sanity while trying to save Brigette.
Having never left his isolated mountain village, he is now faced with horrifying creatures and diabolical dark magic in his quest to save Brigette. He finds help from a sagely old man and a stoic Tovani warrior, but they seek only to destroy the witch. Unwilling to admit that Brigette and The Blood Witch are now one and the same; Jak’s choices may threaten everyone.
Jak must battle the evil that is growing inside him in order to stop the witch and save Brigette. But the witch’s gift may be his only salvation.

[Epic Fantasy – First of Series – Amazon]

Released (The Shapeshifters’ Library #1) by Amber Polo
Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Shipsfeather, Ohio, where an ancient race of dog-shifters has been charged with curating the knowledge of the world, and with protecting civilization’s libraries from the machinations of evil, book burning werewolves. For years a curse has imprisoned the dog-shifters in the basement of the Shipsfeather library — where they have made the best of things with a gym, a spa, a Starbarks, and, of course, their wildly successful internet company, Zoogle — but now, thanks to librarian Liberty Cutter and her zany staff, they may actually have a chance to break free again. If only they can convince her to believe in magic…
[Paranormal Fantasy Novel – Amazon]

Beneath Ceaseless Skies #190 – January 07, 2016
[Fantasy Magazine – EPUB, MOBI, PDF – Beneath Ceaseless Skies]

Godfall by Sandra M. Odell
[Fantasy Novelette – EPUB, MOBI – GigaNotoSaurus]

Free eBooks – Fantasy – Young Adult

Draconis’ Bane (Blood Feud #1) by David Temrick
Dragon magic has faded from the lands of the Seven Kingdoms and the power they exercised over the elements has failed. Already Terum has reverted back to being covered by volcanic ash and great storms destroy ships and palaces alike all over the largest continent.
Prince Tristan Vallious is born into this uncertain world and not unlike many children of royalty, he’s arrogant and abusive. The King and Queen have no choice but to send him to the border under the command of his older brother. There he can work out his issues while defending his country against all kinds of creatures, both men and other of a less savory sort.
Before he can assume his new post, he is attacked by a magical assassin, placing him in a coma. The Nightmare Spell used is a terrible fate and most die within a week of being plunged into their own worst fears, losing the will to live quickly. Tristan now stands at a crossroads and the weight of the world of both men and dragon rest on his shoulders.

[YA Epic Fantasy Novel – First of Series – Amazon | B&N]

Free eBooks – Horror

The God Killers by David Simpson
Imagine an alternate reality that appears, on the surface, just like our own. However, in this reality, the white light famously reported at the end of our lives is not an escape or deliverance — it is a trap. A creature calling itself God in a parallel dimension consumes the souls of humans, devouring their energy to sustain itself. This is the reality that Cipher, Han, Natalie and Father Hurley inhabit in The God Killers. Each has had near death experiences (NDE’s) and each was resuscitated before their souls were consumed, coming back to Earth horrified by the truth: there is no exit.
[Horror Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Zombies

Mace of the Apocalypse by Daniel J Williams
Mace of the Apocalypse is the first book in the Mace of the Apocalypse series. The book series follows a small group of survivors through the initial outbreak of a zombie apocalypse in San Francisco to their continued struggles for survival and redemption.
[YA Zombie Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

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