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Saturday Morning SciFi: Watch the Very First Episode of “Ultraman”

Travel with me back to 1966, a time when the Beach Boys were surfing and singing their way to fame, mini skirts were in vogue, and Ultraman made his debut.

Ultraman was a Japanese SciFi superhero television series that first aired in 1966 and became a cultural phenomenon. Ultraman, an alien who occupies a resurrected human host who he inadvertently killed, defends Earth against aliens and monsters, often giant kaiju monsters.

Here’s the very first episode, for as long as it lasts on YouTube.

For comparsion, he’s the kick-@$$ trailer for the upcoming film version

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  1. Poor Tokyo, but . . . cool trailer! 🙂 Re. the original show, I watched it as a kid and loved it. I’d forgotten the team was called the Science Patrol; great name.

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