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Table of Contents: ON THE EYEBALL FLOOR AND OTHER STORIES by Tina Connolly

Tina Connolly’s new collection On the Eyeball Floor and Other Stories is now up for preorder at Fairwood Press. Check out the table of contents!

Cover art is by Kazuhiko Nakamura.

About the book:

From the Nebula-nominated author of Ironskin comes Tina Connolly’s first full-length collection, with two dozen stories spanning a decade of writing. These inventive and compelling stories contain tales of transcending cyborgs, shapeshifting bears, sentient hands, rogue GPSs, superhero moms groups, zombie chipmunks, and a story told from the point of view of a paddle in Pong. Her stories have been described as original, charming, delightful, unexpected, poignant, mystifying, beautiful, horrific, intricate, darkly funny, imaginative, fascinating, and just plain weird. The 25 stories and 3 poems include her prequel story to her YA Seriously Wicked series from Tor Teen, as well as one new story exclusive to the collection.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Caroline M. Yoachim.

On the Eyeball Floor: Stories of Climbing, Falling, and Spare Body Parts

  • “On the Eyeball Floor”
  • “On Glicker Street”
  • “Selling Home”
  • “Left Hand”
  • “Rehydration”

Recalculating: Stories of Journeys, Dead-Ends, and the Friends Riding Shotgun

  • “Recalculating”
  • “The Bitrunners”
  • “Standard Comfort Measures in Earthling Pregnancies”
  • “Super-Baby-Moms Group Saves the Day!”
  • “That Seriously Obnoxious Time I Was Stuck at Witch Rimelda’s One Hundredth Birthday Party”

See Dangerous Earth-Possibles: Stories of Families, Baseball Bats, and Zombie Chipmunks

  • “See Dangerous Earth-Possibles!”
  • “Turning the Apples”
  • “Facts of Bone”
  • “Wendy with a Comet in the Tail of the Y”
  • “Miss Violet May from the Twelve Thousand Lakes”
  • “Old Dead Futures”

A Million Little Paper Airplane Stories: Stories of Myths, Legends, and the Uncatchable

  • “A Million Little Paper Airplane Stories”
  • “Ten”
  • “The God-Death of Halla”
  • “One Ear Back”
  • “Golden Apples”
  • “tiny atrocities”
  • “Moon at the Starry Diner”

Hard Choices: Stories of Tough Choices, Tough Love, and Fairy Dust

  • “Hard Choices”
  • “How Frederika Cassowary-Jones Joined the Ladies’ Society of Benevolent Goings-On”
  • “Inflection”
  • “Silverfin Harbor”
  • “As We Report to Gabriel”

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