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Table of Contents: SUPERHERO UNIVERSE (TESSERACTS NINETEEN) ed. by Claude Lalumière and Mark Shainblum

In April, EDGE will publish Superhero Universe ed. by Claude Lalumière and Mark Shainblum. Check out the table of contents!

Cover Illustration by Jason Loo

About the book:

Superheroes! Supervillains! Superpowered antiheroes! Mad scientists!

Adventurers into the unknown. Detectives of the dark night. Costumed crimefighters. Steampunk armoured avengers. Brave and bold supergroups. Crusading aliens in a strange land. Secret histories.
Pulp action.

Tesseracts Nineteen features all of these permutations of the superhero genre and many others besides!

Featuring stories by: Patrick T. Goddard, D.K. Latta, Alex C. Renwick, Mary Pletsch & Dylan Blacquiere, Geoff Hart, Marcelle Dube, Kevin Cockle, John Bell, Evelyn Deshane, A.C. Wise, Jennifer Rahn, Bevan Thoma, Bernard E. Mireault, Sacha A. Howells, Kim Goldberg, Luke Murphy, Corey Redekop, Brent Nichols, Jason Sharp, Arun Jiwa, Chadwick Ginther, Leigh Wallace, David Perlmutter, P.E. Bolivar, Michael Matheson.

The Tesseracts anthology series is Canada’s longest running anthology. It was first edited by the late Judith Merril in 1985, and has published more than 529 original Canadian speculative fiction (Science fiction, fantasy and horror) stories and poems by 315 Canadian authors, editors, translators and special guests.

Some of Canada’s best known writers have been published within the pages of these volumes ― including Margaret Atwood, William Gibson, Robert J. Sawyer, and Spider Robinson (to name a few).

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Introduction: A New Universe of Canadian Superheroes by Claude Lalumière
  • “Diary of a Teenage Grizzly” by Patrick T. Goddard
  • “Jessica and the True North” by Kevin Cockle
  • “Pssst! Have You Heard… The Rumour?” by D. K. Latta
  • “The Island Way” by Mary Pletsch & Dylan Blacquiere
  • “Blunt Instruments” by Geoff Hart
  • “Bloodhound” by Marcelle Dubé
  • “The Jam: A Secret Bowman” by Bernard E. Mireault
  • “In the Name of Free Will” by A. C. Wise
  • “Nuclear Nikki versus the Magic Evil” by Jennifer Rahn
  • “Spirit in the Clay” by Bevan Thomas
  • “Black Falcon Saves City, World” by Sacha A. Howells
  • “Bluefields Reharmony Nest” by Kim Goldberg
  • “Lost and Found” by Luke Murphy
  • “Crusher and Typhoon” by Brent Nichols
  • “Black Sheep” by Jason Sharp
  • “Midnight Man versus Doctor Death” by Chadwick Ginther
  • “SÜPER” by Corey Redekop
  • “Bedtime for Superheroes” by Leigh Wallace
  • “A Hole Lotta Trouble: A Tale in Five Voices” by David Perlmutter
  • “The Rise and Fall of Captain Stupendous” by P.E. Bolivar
  • “Friday Nights at the Hemingway” by Arun Jiwa
  • “Apollo and Greta” by Evelyn Deshane
  • “In the Kirby Krackle” by John Bell
  • “A Week in the Superlife” by Alex C. Renwick
  • “Change as Seen through an Orrery of Celestial Fire” by Michael Matheson
  • Afterword: The Death of the Death of the Superheroes! by Mark Shainblum
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