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Special Needs in Strange Worlds: A Fresh Start for 2016


2015 was a tough year for me, health wise. It ended well, but getting to that good ending was quite an ordeal. I had to stop doing a lot of things, among them was Special Needs in Strange Worlds, and various reviewing gigs. Reviews on my own website slowed down a lot.

I hated not organizing Special Needs in Strange Worlds. This column has quickly become one of my favorite aspects of the various things I do in the genre. It’s been something I have missed intensely over these past few months. I’m overjoyed to be bringing it back with some regularity.

However, things will have to change a bit. I have two kids now, and I’m working as well as balancing the various bookish obligations I have. That’s a lot less time I have to spend on email and contacting people. Organizing this column is a delight, but it is incredibly labor intensive, far more so than I expected when I started it. I am aiming for a post a week, but life happens and occasionally I might have to dip it down to every-other-week to keep myself sane.

I’m also asking for your help. If I can get people interested in writing for my column to contact me (Sarah [at] bookwormblues [dot] net), that takes so much stress off of me, and frees up so much precious time. It will be much easier for me to keep this column going on a weekly basis if I don’t have to spend as much time convincing people to write for it. So, if you or someone you know is interested in participating in Special Needs in Strange Worlds, don’t hesitate to contact me. It might take me a few days to answer (life happens, after all) but I will answer.

I will keep this post short and sweet. I need to give a huge thank you to everyone who has patiently waited for me to get this column going again. I’m thrilled to be back doing this, and I hope this year will be as fun and enlightening as the previous have been.

Here’s to a new 2016. Let’s make it something epic.

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