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Table of Contents: CLOWNS: THE UNLIKELY COULROPHOBIA REMIX ed. by Bernie Mojzes and A.C. Wise

Check out the table of contents of Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix, edited by A.C. Wise (who contributes her Women to Read posts every month), and Bernie Mojzes, and it’s out today!! Illustrations are by Bryan Prindiville.

About the book:

Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix is Unlikely Story‘s first print anthology, featuring twenty-two flash fiction tales penned by many of today’s rising stars of the speculative fiction genre, including Mari Ness, Cassandra Khaw, Cate Gardner, Evan Dicken, and Charles Payseur, among others. Along with a smattering of mimes and jesters, this anthology tackles clowns in all their forms. Each story is accompanied by a unique black and white illustration, and the stories are interspersed with ‘true facts’ about clowns. By turns funny, heartbreaking, frightening, and bittersweet, the stories gathered in this anthology showcase a diversity of styles and approaches to the theme, offering something to entice every reader.

  1. Introduction by Robin Blyn
  2. “Five Things Every Successful Clown Must Do” by Derek Manuel
  3. “Gags, Bits, and Business” by T. Jane Berry
  4. “Mr. Boingo Saves the World” by J.H. Pell
  5. “An Argument for Clowning on the Sabbath” by Jeff Wolf
  6. ‘Thou Antic Death’ by Kristen Roupenian
  7. “Everyone’s a Clown” by Caroline M. Yoachim
  8. “The Game” by Mari Ness
  9. “Melpomene’s” Heirs by Evan Dicken
  10. “Break the Face in the Jar by the Door” by Carlie St. George
  11. “Stilts” by Line Henriksen
  12. “A Million Tiny Ropes” by Virginia M. Mohlere
  13. “Queen and Fool” by Dayle A. Dermatis
  14. “God’s Children” by Jason Arias
  15. “Clown’s Syndrome” by Joe Nazare
  16. “Clown Car, Driven Once, Never Emptied” by Karlo Yeager-Rodriguez
  17. “Perfect Mime” by Sara K. McNeilly
  18. “Whaling with Clowns” by Chris Kuriata
  19. “Clown Shoes” by Cassandra Khaw
  20. “A Silent Comedy” by Cate Gardner
  21. “Pushpin and Pullpin” by Charles Payseur
  22. “Clowns of the Creosote Plains” by Chillbear Latrigue
  23. “A Distant Honk” by Holly Schofield
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