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Friday YouTube: That Time Wonder Woman Went Aquatic

“WTF?” said Aquaman…

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2 Comments on Friday YouTube: That Time Wonder Woman Went Aquatic

  1. I will gladly take all the videos of Lynda Carter you post. One of the most beautiful women the world has ever known. Inside and out.

  2. Heh, yeah, the aquatic outfit! I remember that. Although what’s that energy blast thing she’s doing at the end?!

    I seem to recall for some outfit, she got it by doing her regular twirl to get her regular outfit, but then she kept on spinning and her regular outfit changed to something else. I don’t know if it was the aquatic outfit (obviously not how it works in this clip, but maybe some other time?) or some other variation like a spacesuit or something else.

    Anyway, it was all goofy fun and I used to love this show. 🙂

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