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Coming Soon: JOEL-BROCK THE BRAVE and the VALOROUS SMALLS by Michael Bishop

Joel-Brock the Brave and the Valorous Smalls by Michael Bishop is available for preorder at Fairwood Press. Check out the book, and the wonderful art by Orion Zangara.

About the book:

Joel-Brock Lollis’s family has vanished into the labyrinthine Sporangium below a curious Georgia emporium, Big Box Bonanzas. Glimpses of an older J-B Lollis of the Atlanta Braves on a BBB television suggest that Joel-Brock may never get back his parents and sister. The Valorous Smalls—almost-ten Joel-Brock, lively teen Addi, and tiny detective Valona—forge their way into the mushroom realm to change that possible future.


  1. Home Run Hitter of the Future
  2. “What Hasn’t Happened Need Not Happen”
  3. Home Alone, Sort Of
  4. Gobbymawlers vs. Sprols
  5. Vaughnathan Valona
  6. Adelaide-Bridget Coe
  7. A Hidden Moving Staircase
  8. The Valorous Smalls
  9. At the GillGate
  10. Into Sporangium
  11. Quagslip
  12. A View from the Blueberries
  13. The Spawnifice
  14. Two Unexpected Calls
  15. The Ramp Mistakenly Taken
  16. The Getaway
  17. A Blessing
  18. Gorgástrogons
  19. Untoward Events at Oathwick
  20. Asylum
  21. Father Syd
  22. Hope
  23. Sporangium Salt, Inc.
  24. Condor’s Cote
  25. Reunited
  26. Free at Last, Almost
  27. Crisis in Bijou-Lo
  28. Gobbymawler Park
  29. Arabella’s Coda: 2010
  30. Joel-Brock’s Coda: 2023

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