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eBook Deal: Get Paul DiFilippo’s Mind-Bending Collection STRANGE TRADES for Only $1.99!

For today only, you can get the eBook version of Paul DiFilippo’s collection Strange Trades for only $1.99!

Here’s the description:

“STRANGE TRADES is a splendid collection. Witty, thoughtful, accessible. The book’s finest story has a humanity worthy of Dickens or Hardy.” Publishers Weekly

You can try to escape from the mundane, or with the help of Paul Di Filippo, you can take a brief, meaningful break from it. In the vein of George Saunders or Michael Chabon, Di Filippo uses the tools of science fiction and the surreal to take a deep, richly felt look at humanity. His brand of funny, quirky, thoughtful, fast-moving, heart-warming, brain-bending stories exist across the entire spectrum of the fantastic from hard science fiction to satire to fantasy and on to horror, delivering a riotously entertaining string of modern fables and stories from tomorrow, now and anytime. After you read Paul Di Filippo, you’ll no longer see everyday life quite the same.

In these 11 stories, Paul Di Filippo applies his armamentarium of vastly varied literary skills to an examination and definition of the outer limits of an almost unbearably mundane-sounding subject: daily toil or, in a word, jobs. In Spondulix, Rory Honeyman, in desperation to preserve the meager cash flow in his sandwich shop, starts offering store coupons which somehow take on a life of their own. The Mill is the only place in the universe where Luxcloth, treasured and worn by many, can be manufactured and only at the direction of one man. The Boredom Factory gives meaning to the phrase living to work. Keep reading, it will be the easiest job you’ve ever had.

With an Introduction by Bruce Sterling.

Grab it now if you want it!

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