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[Book Profile] MADHOUSE is a Shared World, Multiple-POV, Single Story Horror Anthology Heavy with Bram Stoker Authors

Madhouse is a shared world horror anthology with stories by 8 Bram Stoker AWard winning/nominated authors and 12 other established horror writers. Bram Stoker novelist Benjamin Kane Ethridge and Horror Writers Association administrator Brad Hodson co-edited the anthology and wrote the framing stories. Artwork is by Aeron Alfrey. Madhouse is published by Dark Regions Press.


Each story in Madhouse takes place in the Golden Canyon Behavioral Health Center as a plague of madness sweeps through the asylum. MADHOUSE is unique in that each story can be read as a single and unique tale but, if the book is experienced cover to cover, they interweave to create a novel.


In the middle ages, it was thought that insanity was contagious. Centuries on, we label such ideas as superstitious ignorance. But when a John Doe begins to speak after decades of silence, the staff and patients at the Golden Canyon Behavioral Health Center realize that every superstition hides a horrid truth. On the night a vicious sandstorm closes the roads and seals the doors, a plague of madness spreads through the hospital. Two staff members try desperately to hold onto their sanity while searching for the cause – and, hopefully, the cure – of the outbreak. But they’re not alone. Character by character, the horrible truth is revealed bit by awful bit.

  1. “Madhouse” by Bram Stoker author Benjamin Kane Ethridge and HWA administrator Brad C. Hodson
  2. “Release” by Bram Stoker author John Palisano
  3. “Skating the Shattered Glass Sea” by Bram Stoker author Christopher Conlon
  4. “Heal Thyself” by Bram Stoker author Scott Nicholson
  5. “The Yellow Bug” by Erik Williams
  6. “Jen-Jen Is My Friend-Friend” by Thersa Matsuura
  7. “Enter the Sandman” by Sheldon Higdon
  8. “Where Immortals Sing In Key” by Anthony J. Rapino
  9. “Howl For What Was Yours” by Mercedes Yardley
  10. “Bathroom” by Sara Brooke
  11. “Birdman” by R. B. Payne
  12. “The Champion of Roshambo” by Max Xavier and Sam W. Anderson
  13. “Drake’s Cake” by Meghan Arcuri
  14. “Cognition” by Lisa Morton
  15. “My Dearest Gwendolyn” by Bram Stoker author G. Daniel Gunn
  16. “Saving Dollie” by Kim Despins
  17. “The Writing on the Wall” by Bram Stoker author Robin Spriggs
  18. “Sky Is Falling” by Bram Stoker author Rena Mason
  19. “The Fraud” by Bram Stoker author Jeff Strand
  20. “Appetite” by Megan Hart
  21. “Foodfight” by Bram Stoker author John Skipp
  • MARK – A reformed alcoholic, Mark is a nurse at Golden Canyon hospital. He works hard to be a part of “the brotherhood,” as the other male nurses call themselves, though they drink too much for his comfort. Mark’s madly in love with Alice but has a hard time saying so. He lets his ego get the better of him far too often and feels a tinge of resentment that Alice is such a successful doctor while he’s changing bedpans.
  • ALICE – Dr. Alice Jalbert is smarter than even she realizes. She loves Mark and wishes he would stop being so neurotic and just agree that they should move in together. She’s been questioning her job lately, mostly because of the massive cuts in Golden Canyon’s budget that have been slashing services for the patients.
  • DR. EDELHARDT – Alice’s mentor in controversial theories, Dr. Edelhardt believes in past lives and that their trauma can continue to effect us in the present.
  • DRAKE – An abusive intern, Drake does a good job of hiding how he both physically and sexually assaults the patients from the rest of the staff.
  • JOHN DOE – No one knows how long John Doe has been in Golden Canyon. He seems like a permanent fixture and was already a patient when the oldest staff member came on-board. Doe has been catatonic and hasn’t spoken the entire time he’s been here – at least ten years – and there’s been no hope for recovery. At least, not until a mysterious stranger visits him, his first visitor ever. Doe comes out of his catatonic state and begins to talk. And everyone who hears him loses their minds…
  1. “Madhouse” – Inside Golden Canyon Behavioral Health Center, a mysterious visitor wakes a patient from a decades long catatonic state. The events that follow plunge the hospital deep into a fever nightmare as two employees struggle to keep their sanity long enough to puzzle out the truth behind the infectious madness sweeping through Golden Canyon.
  2. “Release” – Sean has always been able to hear the thoughts of those around him. For someone with Sean’s “gift,” Golden Canyon quickly reveals itself to be an unpleasant place.
  3. “Skating the Shattered Glass Sea” – When Tim comes to visit his aging sister Lily at the hospital, he finds that she has developed a wondrous and hellish gift.
  4. “Heal Thyself” – Dr. Edlehart’s controversial treatments are used in an attempt to heal Jeffrey Jackson, but the repercussions of such therapy reverberate throughout Golden Canyon.
  5. “The Yellow Bug” – James Klein has been having problems since his return from Iraq, but Dr. Ruiz didn’t realize the extent of them. God is a bug and the sands blow in thick and hot.
  6. “Jen-Jen” – Kelsey’s best friend inside Golden Canyon is her nurse Jen-Jen. But not even Jen-Jen can silence the voice of the devil-doll.
  7. “Enter the Sandman” – The Sandman is coming. William knows that. John Doe told him. And soon everyone at Golden Canyon will know.
  8. “Where Immortals Sing in Key” – Ewan and Miranda deal with the horror of the Sandman unleashed as the hospital goes mad around them.
  9. “Howl for What Was Yours” – The story of the Sandman comes to an eerie close.
  10. “Birdman” – Birdman struggles against the staff of Golden Canyon as he rushes toward a meeting with an angel.
  11. “The Champion of Rochambo” – Franklin and Sugar are playing a dangerous and violent game. The prize for winning? Freedom. The penalty for losing? Their lives.
  12. “Drake’s Cake” – Golden Canyon’s abusive orderly gets his just desserts.
  13. “Cognition” – Dr. Sarah McManus discovers firsthand just how depraved the infectious madness at Golden Canyon can get. But unlike the others suffering from whatever virulent madness sweeping through the hospital, she’ll put her new-found depravity to good use.
  14. “My Dearest Gwendolyn” – Sennel and Gwen find themselves in a battle with demons both real and imagined and, worse still, each other.
  15. “Saving Dollie” – Tilly comes to Golden Canyon to meet the man who molested her as a child. Her therapy won’t be complete, she knows, until she writes one final letter from this place to Dollie.
  16. “The Writing on the Wall” – A maddening secret behind Golden Canyon is revealed.
  17. “Sky Is Falling” – As the plague takes over the hospital, Skylar deals firsthand with the pandemonium now surrounding her.
  18. “The Fraud” – No one has ever believed Trisha. Why should going mad change anything?
  19. “Foodfight” – Several of Golden Canyon’s women – Doctors and inmates and others – find their stories converging in the most epic and insane foodfight ever written.
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