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DC Comics: A Cinematic Retrospective

As pointed out by The Awesomer, calling the following video a retrospective of DC Comics’ superhero films is a bit of a misnomer when two of the films — Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad — have yet to be released, but the video does succeed in encapsulating what a poor job Hollywood did with DC Comics properties. I mean, I liked Watchmen and The Dark Knight is probably in my list of Top 10 Films, but the rest? I wouldn’t mind if I never, ever saw any Green Lantern footage again. And, being a Moviegoer of a Certain Age, I would have loved to have seen Christopher Reeve’s Superman in addition to (or instead of) Routh and Cavill.

I suppose this video is meant to pump us up for DC hero films, but all it really does it make me want to fist-bump Marvel for doing a way better job with their cinematic adaptations. So, fist-bump, Marvel!*

*This, coming from a devoted DC Comics fanboy in his youth

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  1. That video suggests there are two types of dialog in the DC universe: ponderous and nihilistic.

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