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Watch LIDSVILLE, Where Sid & Marty Kroft Ask Kids to Join Them on an Apparent Acid Trip

Until I saw the following video, I considered myself a connoisseur of sorts on kids shows of the 1970s. I guess I was fortunate in that I missed this particular show: Lidsville, a Sid & Marty Kroft production where they apparently asked kids to join them on an acid trip.

The premise is that a teenaged boy falls into a magician’s giant magical hat into a land of living hats where people are seemingly required by law to engage in cheesy comedy to the tune of a generic laugh track.

To its…I dunno, credit?…it boasts a cast that includes: Butch Patrick (who old timers like myself may remember as Eddie Munster from The Munsters); Billie Hayes as Weenie the Genie, who you may recognize as Witchiepoo from H.R. Pufnstuf (another Sid & Marty Kroft gem); and — how can it get better you ask? — Charles Nelson Reilly as Merlo the Magician, a fitting precursor to his stint on Match Game.

Oh – and for purists, there was also a comic book version! I’m guessing that the show’s fans used to buy these to use as rolling paper.

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2 Comments on Watch LIDSVILLE, Where Sid & Marty Kroft Ask Kids to Join Them on an Apparent Acid Trip

  1. Lol, I’m afraid I do remember this show, and it’s sibling HR Puffinstuff. Amazing the themes they were sneaking into children’s shows in the 70s. Lidsville was indeed “a trip” as we used to say.

  2. Splicer // March 6, 2016 at 5:16 pm //

    I never “got” these shows. They pretty much annoyed the crap out of me when I was a kid. Forced and cartoonish humor and just too pointlessly weird.

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