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Name Your Price for Phoenix Pick’s Book of the Month: THE LONG TOMORROW by Leigh Brackett

Leigh Brackett’s classic The Long Tomorrow is Phoenix Pick‘s new pay-what-you-want eBook special this month. Readers may download it for free or pay anything they wish.

Here’s what the book is about:

“She [Brackett] has created science-fiction to compare with serious mainstream literature.” — New York Herald Tribune

“Close to being a great work of science fiction.” — New York Times

“Fantasy at its best.” — Library Journal

One of the original novels of post-nuclear holocaust America, The Long Tomorrow is considered by many to be one of the finest science fiction novels ever written on the subject. The story has inspired generations of new writers and is still as mesmerizing today as when it was originally written.

Len and Esau are young cousins living decades after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization as we know. The rulers of the post-war community have forbidden the existence of large towns and consider technology evil.

However Len and Esau long for more than their simple agrarian existence. Rumors of mythical Bartorstown, perhaps the last city in existence, encourage the boys to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure that will call into question not only firmly held beliefs, but the boys’ own personal convictions.

Leigh Brackett Hamilton (1915-1978) was a well-known science fiction author and a highly respected Hollywood script-writer. Her script writing credits include adaptations of Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye as well as Star Wars Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back.

Readers may download this book for free or pay a nominal price of their choice from March 2 through March 31. So grab it now!

Instructions and download links can be found on Phoenix Pick’s catalog page.

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