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On My Radar: The RACHEL PENG Series by K.B. Spangler


Digital Divide by K.B. Spangler
(AGAHF |Sept. 13, 2013)


Five years ago, U.S. Army Warrant Officer Rachel Peng joined the Office of Adaptive and Complementary Enhancement Technologies, a top-secret federal agency which blended cutting-edge cybernetics with communication and information technologies. Today, OACET has gone public, its Agents revealing themselves to the world as cyborgs capable of talking to, and taking control of, any networked machine. Rachel’s new job as the OACET liaison to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police is not what she would call fun. She and her partner, Detective Raul Santino, are usually bored senseless or are fighting with their coworkers. Neither of them are prepared when a routine act of harassment plunges them into a murder investigation. And they certainly didn’t expect for the evidence to point directly at Rachel and the other cyborgs. The murder is only the beginning. Soon, Rachel and Santino find themselves deep in a game of cat-and-mouse with a killer and his hidden agenda. The killer has planned for every contingency, every possible outcome… except one. Rachel herself.

Maker Space by K.B. Spangler
(AGAHF |July 23, 2014)


Conspiracies, political cover-ups, acts of terrorism… As one of the first cyborgs employed by the federal government, Agent Rachel Peng thought she had already lived through it all. Then, without warning, fourteen blocks of downtown Washington, D.C. are gone, blown apart by bombs unlike anything Rachel has ever seen. The evidence is even more troubling, with each new clue suggesting their own people might be behind the attack. Rachel and her partner, Detective Raul Santino, might not believe that the Department of Homeland Security is responsible, but the rest of the country does. As tensions mount and the city begins to burn, Rachel learns that none of her usual investigatory techniques apply—for the first time in her long career as a cop, finding the bad guys might not be as important as learning why they wanted the public to rise up against their own government. But even if Rachel and Santino can discover the killer’s motive, it might be too late to stop what he’s put into motion.


State Machine by K.B. Spangler

(AGAHF |Sept. 22, 2015)


Almost a year has passed since the Office of Adaptive and Complementary Enhancement Technologies went public. Agent Rachel Peng has settled into her new job as cyborg liaison to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police, but for Rachel and her team, murder is always just the beginning. This time, the body is found in the unlikeliest of places—a storage room under 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Robbery gone wrong would be bad enough, but Rachel and her partner, Detective Raul Santino, can’t stop once they’ve caught the murderer. As soon as they’ve solved that first mystery, they find themselves pulled into a wild chain of events, with Rachel at their center. Rachel and Santino must discover why a millennia-old artifact had been lost beneath the White House, and the race to recover this stolen piece of antiquity will put them up against one of the country’s most powerful political figures. And he won’t rest until Rachel and OACET have been destroyed.

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  1. I started with Spangler’s webcomic, A Girl And Her Fed, at about the point where the mansion exploded. Turns out there was a huge backstory behind it, lots of archive to wade through…and you got to see her drawing skills improve from the early days…but the storytelling has always been amazing. These novels take place during a five year gap between the two halves of her webcomic story, and in my opinion they are phenomenally good. Humor, drama, action, more humor, serious business, goverment conspiracies, science fiction gadgetry, political intrigue, you name it. There is even an eventual love-interest in the second book that carries through to the third and fourth novels.

    …Did I say fourth novel? Oops, I’m not allowed to talk about that one yet. (But honestly, if you read the webcomic, you know it’s an ongoing romance anyway, since the second story arc is set after the novels, teensy spoiler.) I don’t know how many novels Spangler has lined up for Rachel’s story, but I eagerly anticipate all of them.

    Also, check out the companion books Rachel’s co-worker Josh Glassman, “The Russians Came Knocking” (because the scenes with the squirrels steal the show), and a direct follow-up to “State Machine” which features another friend of Rachel’s, Hope Blackwell (the str of A Girl And Her Fed), in the recently released novel “Greek Key” …all of which are totally worth buying.

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