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Table of Contents: FUNNY FANTASY Edited by Alex Shvartsman

Alex Shvartsman has posted the table of contents for his upcoming reprint theme anthology Funny Fantasy!

Says Alex:

Funny Fantasy is a reprint anthology of humorous fantasy fiction — from amusing to hilarious — originally published in the past decade. It follows on the heels of our very successful Funny Science Fiction anthology, which similarly collected stories from that genre and was published last year.

From evil overlords to bumbling henchmen, talking cats to lovelorn fishermen, mad queens to wise opossums, the collected stories subvert popular fantasy tropes in surprising and delightful ways. The following fourteen stories will be included in Funny Fantasy, which is slated for May release:

  1. “Dave the Mighty Steel-Thewed Avenger” by Laura Resnick (Urban Fantasy, 2015)
  2. “Crumbs” by Esther Friesner (Fantasy Gone Wrong anthology, 2006)
  3. “Fellow Traveler” by Donald J. Bingle (Fantasy Gone Wrong anthology, 2006)
  4. “A Fish Story” by Sarah Totton (Realms of Fantasy, 2006)
  5. “Another End of the Empire” by Tim Pratt (Strange Horizons, 2009)
  6. “Giantkiller” by G. Scott Huggins (Heroes in Training anthology, 2007)
  7. “A Mild Case of Death” by David Gerrold (Galaxy’s Edge, 2015)
  8. “Fairy Debt” by Gail Carriger (Sword & Sorceress 22, 2007)
  9. “A Very Special Girl” by Mike Resnick (Blood Lite anthology, 2008)
  10. “The Blue Corpse Corps” by Jim C. Hines (When the Hero Comes Home anthology, 2011)
  11. “Librarians in the Branch Library of Babel” by Shaenon K. Garrity (Strange Horizons, 2011)
  12. “The Queens Reason” by Richard Parks (Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, 2010)
  13. “The Best Little Cleaning Robot in All of Faerie” by Susan Jane Bigelow (Apex, 2015)
  14. “Suede This Time” by Jean Rabe (Magic Tails anthology, 2005)
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