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Table of Contents: THIRTY DAYS LATER Edited by AJ Sikes, BJ Sikes and Dover Whitecliff

Here’s the table of contents for the upcoming steampunk anthology Thirty Days Later – Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures In Time edited by A.J. Sikes and B.J. Sikes, described thusly:

Do you like steampunk and cliffhangers? Adventure and intrigue? Dragons and Sasquatches? Then you’ll like the forthcoming anthology Thirty Days Later, Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures in Time, featuring pairs of stories by favorite steampunk authors who have appeared at the Clockwork Alchemy steampunk convention!

Thinking Ink Press is proud to announce we will publish Thirty Days Later in time for Clockwork Alchemy this Memorial Day. Edited by AJ Sikes, BJ Sikes, and Dover Whitecliff, Thirty Days Later is the sequel to the steampunk anthology Twelve Hours Later: 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery, a charity anthology to promote California literacy programs, and Thinking Ink Press is proud to donate half the royalties of Thirty Days Later to promote literacy.

  1. “A Linear Mystery” by T.E. MacArthur
  2. “Ghost and the Birdman” by AJ Sikes
  3. “Visitor from the East” by Harry Turtledove
  4. “The Compassionate Moon” by David L. Drake & Katherine L. Morse
  5. “The Fall of the Falcon” by Anthony Francis
  6. “The Engraved Chest” by Kirsten Weiss
  7. “The Clockwork Writer” (Part I) by Steve DeWinter
  8. “The Light of the Moon” by Michael Tierney
  9. “Airship” by Janice Thompson
  10. “Adelaide’s Trial” by BJ Sikes
  11. “Courting Adventure” by Emily Thompson
  12. “Two Days in June” (Part 1) by by Sharon E. Cathcart
  13. “From the Ground” by Justin Andrew Hoke
  14. “Putting On Airs” by Lillian Csernica
  15. “Wild Card” by Dover Whitecliff
  16. “Minotaur in the Mist” by T.E. MacArthur
  17. “Ghost Bets the House” by AJ Sikes
  18. “Peace is Better” by Harry Turtledove
  19. “The Traitor Moon” by Katherine L. Morse & David L. Drake
  20. “The Rise of the Dragonfly” by Anthony Francis
  21. “The Honorable Eddy” by Kirsten Weiss
  22. “The Clockwork Writer” (Part II) by Steve DeWinter
  23. “The Shadows of the Moon” by Michael Tierney
  24. “Dragon” by Janice Thompson
  25. “Adelaide’s Triumph” by BJ Sikes
  26. “Adventure Realized” by Emily Thompson
  27. “Two Days in June” (Part II) by Sharon E. Cathcart
  28. “From the Sky” by Justin Andrew Hoke
  29. “Blown Sky High” by Lillian Csernica
  30. “Straight Flush” by Dover Whitecliff
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