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[SF/F/H Link Post] The Nihilistic Architect and the Negligent Gardener; ROGUE ONE Analysis; Sex Robots!

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  • Bookworks, in collaboration with the UNM Creative Writing program, presents actress, author and internet phenom Felicia Day on Friday, April 29 at 7:00 PM at the University of New Mexico! Felicia Day (The Guild, Geek & Sundry) appears in conversation with Craig Chrissinger of the Albuquerque Science Fiction Society about her memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), just out in paperback April 19. RSVP
  • Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, appears at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville, NC on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM for a special signing of Armada.
  • Sigourney Weaver Will Help The Alamo Drafthouse Celebrate ALIEN DAY

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  • Long Ago and Far Away – As a child Jason saved Elvenwood from the Witch-Queen. Now he is a depressed 30 with a dead end job. But his help is needed once again.
  • Major Chronicles-Hard Bound Book – It’s all adventure when the Galaxy’s fate rests with a British explorer and his nephew aboard the infamous RMS Titanic!
  • Yardbird’s Book’s – Who doesn’t like to dream about Time Travel or conspiracy stories? Well I have them both in my new book Nazi Time Machine.



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2 Comments on [SF/F/H Link Post] The Nihilistic Architect and the Negligent Gardener; ROGUE ONE Analysis; Sex Robots!

  1. Splicer // April 9, 2016 at 6:12 am //

    Having just gotten back here from reading the Batman vs Superman opinion piece, I’m just going to say that people will complain about anything. You could bring back the greatest directors in film history to work on superhero films and you’ll still find those who will do nothing but complain. DC has decided it wants to go with a serious and darker tone than the Marvel properties (which frankly are nothing but action sequences broken up by snarky quips and snappy comebacks). Snyder’s style seems to trend towards the dark and nihilistic. I rather like that but maybe it doesn’t quite resonate with fans who want light entertainment.

  2. I don’t disagree. In the age of the Internet, it’s easy to throw hate around.

    I grew up as a DC comics reader, and yet, now I find that I generally enjoy the Marvel films better than the DC ones. One glaring exception, THE DARK KNIGHT, which I really loved. And on TV, I’m really enjoying GOTHAM, which is not so much about Batman as it is a crime show set in a comic book world. I haven’t seen Batman v. Superman yet, but yeah, a superhero property takes a certain mindset to enjoy.

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