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Table of Contents: POSTSCRIPTS #36/37 THE DRAGONS OF THE NIGHT Edited by Nick Gevers

PS Publishing has posted the table of contents for Postscripts #36/37 The Dragons of the Night edited by Nick Gevers.

Here’s what’s in it:

  1. “Darkness, and Darkness” by Robert Freeman Wexler
  2. “S.K.” by James Cooper
  3. “A Reverie of Time” by Allen Ashley
  4. “The Wedding Photographer” by Robert Guffey
  5. “Machinists” by Andrew Jury
  6. “The Second Runner” by John Grant
  7. “Surfacing” by Lisa L. Hannett
  8. “In Passing” by Robert Reed
  9. “The Dragons of the Night” by Darrell Schweitzer
  10. “Last Post” by Robert Edric
  11. “Texas” by James Cooper
  12. “Untanglement: The Leaving of the Quantum Cats” by John Gribbin
  13. “Karen Coxswain, or, Death as She is Truly Lived” by Paul Di Filippo
  14. “Rewrites” by Keith Brooke
  15. “Everything Finishes” by John Grant
  16. “The Day My Heart Stood Still” by Andrew Hook
  17. “Madam, I’m Adam” by Gary Fry
  18. “In the Macabre Theatre of Nightshade Place” by Cate Gardner
  19. “Happy Sands” by Stephen Bacon
  20. “The Man Without the Blue Balloon and the Woman Who Had Smiles Only for Him” by Scott Edelman
  21. “Blesséd” by Bruce Golden
  22. ” The Hutchison Boy” by Darrell Schweitzer
  23. “Abundances Above” by Brian Aldiss
  24. “The Beachcomber” by Lavie Tidhar
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