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Top 25 SF Signal Posts for April 2016

In case you missed them, here are The Top SF Signal Posts for April 2016 (excluding the daily link posts and housekeeping posts):

  1. See the Ancient Horror of the Lovecraftian Short Film “The Mountains of Madness”
  2. How Well-Read Are You in Science Fiction?
  3. Here’s a Cover Gallery of the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Books Out in April
  4. 200+ SF/F/H eBooks for $5 Each or Less (Elizabeth Bear, Laura Bickle, Wesley Chu, C.S. Friedman, Charlaine Harris, Guy Gavriel Kay, Helen Lowe, Michael Swanwick, Jeff Vandermeer)
  5. Book Sale! Free and Inexpensive Books by Bradley P. Beaulieu, Gwenda Bond, Jeff Carlson, Matt Forbeck, Brian McClellan, Michael J. Sullivan, Martha Wells, Chuck Wendig
  6. 196 SF/F/H eBooks for $5 Each or Less (PKD, Goldstein, Harris, Hobb, Kosmatka, McCaffrey, Mixon, Moorcock, Taylor, VanderMeer & More!)
  7. FINALISTS: 2016 Hugo Award
  8. FINALISTS: 2016 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award (with Free Fiction Links!)
    FINALISTS: 2016 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award (with Free Fiction Links!)

  9. [BOOK REVIEW] Matt Hill’s GRAFT is British SF That’s Magnetic and Intricate
  10. MIND MELD: SF/F TV Character Deaths That Had Us Shaking Our Heads
  11. MIND MELD: Books We Want to Re-Read Like it Was the First Time
  12. [GUEST POST] Gavin Scott on Wrestling with Ursula Le Guin
  13. MIND MELD: What’s The Best Writing Advice You Ever Received?
  14. The Biographies of Philip K. Dick
  15. The Novellas of Ursula K. Le Guin Finally Collected in THE FOUND AND THE LOST
  16. FINALISTS: 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Award
  17. A Cover Gallery of the Comics and Graphic Novels Out in April
  18. Table of Contents: THE YEAR’S BEST MILITARY & ADVENTURE SF 2015 Edited by David Afsharirad
  19. WINNERS: 2015 James Tiptree, Jr. Award (+ Honor List)
  20. Badass Women & The Nerdy Men Who Love Them
  21. Harrison Ford Was the One Responsible for Finn & Rey’s Chemistry
  22. Read an Excerpt from the Military SF Novel CHAINS OF COMMAND by Marko Kloos
  23. Watch the Short Animated Film Version of Charles Stross’ “Rogue Farm”
  24. FINALISTS: 2016 Aurora Awards
  25. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS: Secrets the Novel Revealed (Part 2)
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