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REVIEW: Keeping It Real by Justina Robson

REVIEW SUMMARY: A great book – over before you know it! MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Agent Lila Black is on her first mission for the Otopian NSA. Her mission? To guard [...]

March 31, 2007 // 2 Comments

Sci-Fi Meets Reality? Or Just Another Kook?

Ok, I happened to be traipsing over multiple blogs. When I ran across one on the Houston Chronicle. Here they had a link to this somewhat interesting news clip from KLAS TV, [...]

February 10, 2005 // 3 Comments

Sci-Fi Horror!

The last week or so I have been mulling around a story idea for a kind of computer geek sci-fi horror story. It goes something like this . . . A “mild-mannered” [...]

November 21, 2003 // 4 Comments


Anybody ever read the short story by Philip K. Dick, titled Paycheck? I found it listed in this “collected works” offering at Amazon Well, it looks like somebody [...]

November 18, 2003 // 1 Comment

Update: Battlestar Galactica

Ok, so I see there have already been some posts on the Sci-Fi Channel’s remake of Battlestar Galactica series as a new TV mini-series. And yeah this post probably [...]

October 21, 2003 // 2 Comments