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Teaser Trailer: Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Here is the teaser trailer for Space Pirate Captain Harlock, a film version of a space opera manga that was briefly adapted into a television show in 1978. Captain Harlock is [...]

February 4, 2013 // 2 Comments

MIND MELD: Underrated Anime (With Videos!)

[Do you have an idea for a future Mind Meld? Let us know!] Everyone looking to watch some good anime knows the popular ones: Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Princess Mononoke, [...]

October 27, 2010 // 14 Comments

R.I.P. Peter Fernandez

I know many of you are probably wondering who Peter Fernandez was and I wondered the same thing when I saw he had passed on in this post on Japanator. But for many people who [...]

July 18, 2010 // 4 Comments

Trailer: Battleship Yamato (Live Action)

As a kid, there were certain cartoons that I always watched when I would get home from school. Those were Speed Racer, Battle of the Planets and Starblazers (Battleship [...]

January 7, 2010 // 7 Comments

Tube Bits For 09/03/07

Hell In A Handbasket continues their look at the guns of Battlestar Galactica. This time covering the long guns. The fallout between NBC and iTunes continues. Apple has now [...]

September 3, 2007 // 0 Comments

The Top 10 Science Fiction Anime

After reading this news blurb on SciFi about a proposed live action Ghost In The Shell movie (which I thought was called The Matrix), I thought I’d list my personal [...]

January 25, 2007 // 46 Comments

Top Ten Anime DVDs of 2005

DVD Talk has posted their Top Ten Anime DVDs of 2005: Samurai 7 Ghost in the Shell: SAC (2nd Gig) Fullmetal Alchemist Planetes Samurai Champloo Hayao Miyazaki films – [...]

December 22, 2005 // 1 Comment

As the Ghibli Turns

Turner Classic Movies will be airing nine anime films from Hayao Miyazaki in January 2006. The Studio Ghibli productions include Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor [...]

October 25, 2005 // 3 Comments

Anime Rentals

Ever wanted to check out this thing called Anime but were afraid to? Does NetFlix not have the title you are interested in? Well, say goodbye to your anime troubles forever, [...]

June 3, 2005 // 4 Comments

Casshern SE DVD…

After seeing the trailer for this bad boy, I am very much interested in seeing this on DVD. Now you can get your own copy as a 3 disc special edition. Order now and order [...]

February 7, 2005 // 0 Comments

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