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The Future of TV

Conan O’Brien has written a humorous preview into the future of television. An excerpt: TiVo, the digital recorder with a brain, will continue to evolve with alarming [...]

May 27, 2005 // 0 Comments

And Now For Something Completely Not SF

This week, Entertainment Weekly is running a piece on Monty Python. (See, they are good for an occasional something or other ;-)) Here’s their take on The 20 Funniest [...]

March 23, 2005 // 3 Comments

L33T Tolkein Hum0r

Two extremely funny threads that show what the first two Lord of the Rings movies would have sounded like, if they were written in l33t speak. The Fellowship is first. It [...]

March 4, 2005 // 0 Comments

Numa Numa Dance Kid

JP sent this link around via email last week, but I thought I’d post it to the blog because it’s just too funny not to. Remember the popularity of Star Wars Kid? [...]

February 24, 2005 // 24 Comments

The Badgers Have Competition

If you thought Badger Badger was bad, wait till you see this guy. Tim informs me he saw this on the Today Show, where they compared it to the Star Wars Kid video. Some people [...]

February 17, 2005 // 1 Comment

Still More 30-Second Bunny Theater

First, there was The Exorcist, then came The Shining, Titanic and Alien. And now, there’s Jaws. All of them are 30 seconds long. And all of them are re-enacted by [...]

October 22, 2004 // 0 Comments

Forklift Safety Video

Ralmon sent me a link to a video on forklift safety. It’s in German so give it 30 seconds or so to kick in. Then it [...]

October 12, 2004 // 15 Comments

Snaaaake! Snaaaake! Oh, Snaaaake!

From SciFi Wire’s News Brief sidebar comes this bit of local news: A Houston movie theater showing the giant-snake sequel Anacondas 2: Search for the Blood Orchid was [...]

October 4, 2004 // 0 Comments

I, Limericist

As I relentlessly run the “I, Robot” post title theme into the ground, I direct your attention to Asimov’s Lecherous Limericks, a page that shows just how [...]

October 4, 2004 // 0 Comments

Star Wars Triumph

Today being the day Star Wars is finally being released on DVD, here’s a trip down memory lane. It’s Triumph the Wonder Dog ripping into a bunch of Star Wars [...]

September 21, 2004 // 8 Comments

And now for a word from our sponsors…

Not sci-fi or even remotely related to anything on this blog, I laughed out loud when I saw this Starbucks ad (forgive me I don’t want much commercial TV so if [...]

September 7, 2004 // 4 Comments

Badgers and Spoons

So I was driving this morning and saw a bumper sticker that said “I poke badgers with spoons”. I didn’t know the meaning of the phrase, but I immediately [...]

August 10, 2004 // 22 Comments

IF the Presidentail Candidates Were Geeks

Via John at texasbestgrok, comes this riff on the Democrat candidates for President. I don’t normally, at least not yet, post political stuff, but this is too funny. [...]

January 7, 2004 // 0 Comments

Ah! Make it Stop!

Oh my godness. This is truely frightening. I know, not SF related, but [...]

July 14, 2003 // 0 Comments

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