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Tube Bits For 06/03/2009

When I think of Land of the Lost, I think of the Sid and Marty Krofft version that aired on Saturday mornings during the ’70s. Out of all the Krofft productions, this [...]

June 3, 2009 // 1 Comment

Tube Bits For 06/02/2009

Dollhouse has been renewed for a second season and there’s talk of a Buffy movie (Whedon not included) and according to Anthony Stewart Head (Giles on TV’s [...]

June 2, 2009 // 3 Comments

Tube Bits For 06/01/2009

Warner Bros. just recently debuted the cover art for season 1 of Fringe. Aside from Walter looking constipated, it doesn’t look half bad. The DVD comes with the usual [...]

June 1, 2009 // 2 Comments

Tube Bits For 05/28/2009

I fondly remember seeing The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai in the theaters during high school. Sure it’s part campy, silly and funny, but it’s also almost always [...]

May 28, 2009 // 0 Comments

Tube Bits For 05/27/2009

On July 7th you’ll be able to purchase the complete Moon Machines miniseries on DVD. This series originally aired on The Science Channel focuses on ” the efforts [...]

May 27, 2009 // 4 Comments

Tube Bits For 05/26/2009

Fringe fans everywhere can rest easy knowing that Fringe will be returning this fall. September 17th at 9pm to be exact. Maybe this season we’ll get some hot dimension [...]

May 26, 2009 // 1 Comment

Tube Bits For 05/20/2009

ABC appears to be the place to be for science fiction/fantasy this fall season. Their lineup includes the following genre shows: Flash Forward (based on the book), Eastwick [...]

May 20, 2009 // 1 Comment

Tube Bits For 05/18/2009

Fringe, LOST, Smallville and Supernatural all had their season finales this week. None of them had what you would call terrific ratings numbers, with Fringe leading the pack. [...]

May 18, 2009 // 0 Comments

Tube Bits For 05/12/2009

With the recent content deal with Disney, Hulu now has the majority of U.S. networks on board its TV and video streaming site. But, with the recent deal, will Hulu run afoul [...]

May 12, 2009 // 2 Comments

Tube Bits For 05/11/2009

Good news from Robert J. Sawyer, ABC has ordered 13 episodes of Flash Forward, the new series based on his book of the same name. I’m interested to see what they do [...]

May 11, 2009 // 0 Comments

Tube Bits For 05/08/2009

Those crazy guys behind Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken are creating a new series for Adult Swim, called Titan Maximum. As the article says, “Titan is set 100 years in [...]

May 8, 2009 // 1 Comment

Tube Bits For 05/06/2009

Day One is a new post-apocalypse series from NBC starting in the fall season. It tells the story of a group of survivors of an unspecified event that destroys the [...]

May 6, 2009 // 2 Comments

Tube Bits For 04/29/2009

The Star Trek hype train rams the station next week and Vince Horiuchi of The Salt Lake Tribune laments the lack of good movies made from TV shows. While Trek has had a lot [...]

April 29, 2009 // 0 Comments

Tube Bits For 04/27/2009

Those crazy people over at Carnegie Mellon University have gone and done something seriously cool. Facial recognition software has been around for awhile, usually used to [...]

April 27, 2009 // 1 Comment

Tube Bits For 04/21/2009

Are you one of the 33% of males or 25% of females that use a PC while watching TV? That would have seemed wrong just a few weeks ago, but then I was chatting with SF [...]

April 21, 2009 // 1 Comment

Tube Bits For 04/18/2009

There’s been no official word from Fox about the future of Dollhouse, but Joss Whedon tells fans to keep hope alive. According to Whedon, if the remaining four shows do [...]

April 18, 2009 // 6 Comments

Tube Bits For 04/15/2009

Anthony Pascale of Trek Movie was recently able to see the new Trek movie that you may have heard of. He does a great job deconstructing the movie in his, mostly [...]

April 15, 2009 // 0 Comments

Tube Bits For 04/13/2009

Whoo boy LOST has been kicking over hornet’s nests the past couple of weeks as we got to see Ole Smokey’s hidey hole, among other interesting things. As you might [...]

April 13, 2009 // 2 Comments

Tube Bits For 04/09/2009

CBS’ long running (and milked) crime show(s), CSI has been slowly evolving into more SF territory. Where else but in an alternate reality would David Caruso have [...]

April 9, 2009 // 2 Comments

Tube Bits For 04/08/2009

Fringe returned last night (at last, more Walter Bishop!) and with it the enigmatic ‘code’ of images shown just before each commercial break. Enigmatic no more as [...]

April 8, 2009 // 3 Comments

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