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Tube Bits For 07/28/2007

CBS and Paramount announced today what we all knew was coming: the release of the remastered original Star Trek episodes on HDDVD/DVD. The catch being you can only buy them [...]

July 28, 2007 // 2 Comments

Tube Bits For 07/27/2007

Surprise! Michael is back on LOST, as announced at surprisingly influential Comic-Con 2007. And pity the poor TV critics who feel that Comic-Con is stealing TV news thunder [...]

July 27, 2007 // 2 Comments

A Closer Look At The Emmy Nominations

There is, of course, and extensive list of all the Emmy nominations online. But lets face it, we don’t care about most of them, only the ones where the genre-related [...]

July 20, 2007 // 2 Comments

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