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Alastair Reynolds

MIND MELD: Has Space Opera Lost Its Luster?

[Do you have an idea for a future Mind Meld? Let us know!] Late last year, after John Ottinger wrote a passionate review of John C. Wright’s Count to a Trillion, he was [...]

June 27, 2012 // 17 Comments

REVIEW: Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds

REVIEW SUMMARY: This might be as close as you get to seeing how Reynolds handles steampunk and zombies. MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: On a far-future Earth, a posthuman [...]

June 15, 2010 // 5 Comments


[Interviewer’s Note: This is a series of interviews featuring the contributors of Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF edited by Jetse de Vries.] Alastair Reynolds was [...]

April 16, 2010 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 7/9/09

Interviews and Profiles: @Wizards of the Coast: Marty Durham has a two-part video interview with fantasy author R.A. Salvatore. [via QuasarDragon] @GeekDad: Alan Dean Foster. [...]

July 9, 2009 // 0 Comments

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