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Matthew Hughes

MIND MELD: The Books We Didn’t Love

[Do you have an idea for a future Mind Meld? Let us know!] This week we asked about books you don’t love. What books do people expect you to love or read, but you [...]

January 2, 2013 // 31 Comments

REVIEW: Quartet & Triptych by Matthew Hughes

REVIEW SUMMARY: A wonderful science fiction caper novella by one of my favorite writers working today MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Luff Imbrey is a master thief working in the [...]

July 30, 2010 // 1 Comment

REVIEW: Hespira by Matthew Hughes

REVIEW SUMMARY: Another enjoyable science-fantasy story that even sf purists can enjoy. MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Henghis Hapthorn, a far-future Sherlock Holmes, attempts to [...]

July 20, 2010 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 9/16/09

Interviews & Profiles: Here’s a rare an audio interview with author Leigh Brackett, conducted by film reviewer Tony Macklin. [via Marooned] MentatJack interviews [...]

September 16, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 9/14/09

@B&N: The Candy Man Can: Or Why John Joseph Adams is Genre Fiction’s Willy Wonka. Sequential Tart interviews Mike Allen (Mythic Delirium). Matthew Hughes has [...]

September 14, 2009 // 0 Comments

REVIEW: Majestrum by Matthew Hughes

REVIEW SUMMARY: Science-Fantasy that even a fantasy-hater (like me) could love. MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: While dealing with the world’s ever-impending slide from [...]

May 5, 2008 // 0 Comments

REVIEW: The Commons by Matthew Hughes

REVIEW SUMMARY: An interesting blend of science fiction and fantasy elements. MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Guth Bandar explores the world of the human collective unconscious, [...]

November 27, 2007 // 7 Comments