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Books Received: 2016 (January – June)

In the interest of full disclosure, we list here all received review materials. To submit something to SF Signal, please refer to our submissions page.

  1. See The Elephant Magazine, Issue Two by Melanie Lamaga (Editor) (Metaphysical Circus Press)
  2. Shimmer Magazine – Issue 31 by E. Catherine Tobler (Editor)
  1. The Waking Fire (The Draconis Memoria) by Anthony Ryan (Ace)
  2. Robert Asprin’s Myth-Fits (Myth-Adventures) by Jody Lynn Nye (Ace)
  1. The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler (Apex Publications)
  2. Threading the Needle by Joshua Palmatier (DAW)
  1. All the Wounds in Shadow: The Healing Edge – Book Two by Anise Eden (Diversion Publishing)
  2. The Tree of Souls by Katrina Archer (Ganache Media)
  1. The Malice by Peter Newman (Harper Voyager)
  2. Saint’s Blood (The Greatcoats) by Sebastien de Castell (Jo Fletcher Books)
  1. The Mirror Thief by Martin Seay (Melville House)
  2. Bloodline (Star Wars) by Claudia Gray (Random House Audio)
  1. The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu by Paula Guran (Editor) (Running Press)
  2. The Wolf in the Attic by Paul Kearney (Solaris)
  1. Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories by Stephanie Perkins (Editor) (St. Martin’s Griffin)
  2. Song of the Deep by Brian Hastings (Sterling Children’s Books)
  1. A Long December by Richard Chizmar (Subterranean)
  2. Dead on the Bones: Pulp on Fire by Joe R Lansdale (Subterranean)
  1. The Dark Issue #12 by Sean Wallace (Editor) (TDM Press)
  2. OnSpec #102 by Diane L. Walton (Editor) (The Copper Pig Writers’ Society)
  1. Eterna and Omega (The Eterna Files) by Leanna Renee Hieber (Tor Books)
  2. Four Roads Cross: A Novel of the Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone (Tor Books)
  1. Defying Doomsday by Tsana Dolichva & Holly Kench (Editors) (Twelfth Planet Press Press)
  2. Spellbreaker (The Spellwright Trilogy) by Blake Charlton (Tor Books)
  1. The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales by Dominik Parisien & Navah Wolfe (Editors) (Saga Press)
  2. What the #@&% Is That?: The Saga Anthology of the Monstrous and the Macabre by John Joseph Adams & Douglas Cohen (Editors) (Saga Press)
  1. Way Down Dark (The Australia Trilogy) by J.P. Smythe (Quercus)
  2. Children of the New World: Stories by Alexander Weinstein (Picador)
  1. The Perdition Score: A Sandman Slim Novel by Richard Kadrey (Harper Voyager)
  2. The Map of Bones (The Fire Sermon) by Francesca Haig (Gallery Books)
  1. Europa Journal by Jack Castle (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing)
  2. Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen by Claude Lalumière & Mark Shainblum (Editors) (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing)
  1. # I’m Zombie: A Zombie Mosaic Novel by Tony Newton (Cosmic Egg Books)
  2. The Suicide Motor Club by Christopher Buehlman (Berkley)
  1. Unpronounceable by Susan diRende (Aqueduct Press)
  2. Outriders by Jay Posey (Angry Robot)
  1. Red Queen (Chronicles of Alice) by Christina Henry (Ace)
  2. The Lost Stars: Shattered Spear by Jack Campbell (Ace)
  1. Code Name: Jack Rabbit by Elizabeth Noble (DSP Publications)
  2. Flamecaster (Shattered Realms) by Cinda Williams Chima (HarperTeen)
  1. Revenge-aroni (Exponential Apocalypse Book 4) by Eirik Gumeny (Jersey Devil Press)
  2. Champions of Aetaltis by Marc Tassin and John Helfers (Editors) (Mechanical Muse)
  1. Fables and Fabrications by Jan Edwards (Penkhull Press)
  2. DR. DOA: A Secret Histories Novel by Simon R. Green (Roc)
  1. The Monster War: A League of Seven Novel by Alan Gratz (Starscape)
  2. Not So Much, Said the Cat by Michael Swanwick (Tachyon Publications)
  1. Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel by Matt Carter (Talos)
  2. The Traveler: An Event Group Thriller by David Golemon (Thomas Dunne Books)
  1. Polaris: A Novel by Todd Tucker (Thomas Dunne Books)
  2. Dead Letters Anthology by Conrad Williams (Editor) (Titan Books)
  1. The Stars Askew (Caeli-Amur) by Rjurik Davidson (Tor Books)
  2. The Rains by Gregg Hurwitz (Tor Teen)
  1. Spiderlight by Adrian Tchaikovsky (
  2. Pride’s Spell: A Sin du Jour Affair by Matt Wallace (
  1. The Ghoul King: A Story of the Dreaming Cities by Guy Haley (
  2. Spider Wars: Book Three of the Black Bead Chronicles by J.D. Lakey (Wayword Books)
  1. Man of Two Worlds by Frank Herbert & Brian Herbert (Wordfire Press)
  2. Dangerous Worlds by Brian Herbert (Wordfire Press)
  1. Nightmare Magazine, May 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Editor) (Nightmare Magazine)
  2. Lightspeed Magazine, May 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Editor) (Lightspeed Magazine)
  1. alt. Sherlock Holmes: New Visions of the Great Detective by Gini Koch, Jamie Wyman, Glen Mehn (Abaddon)
  2. Trident’s Forge: Children of a Dead Earth Book Two by Patrick S. Tomlinson (Angry Robot)
  1. The Ark: Children of a Dead Earth Book One by Patrick S. Tomlinson (Angry Robot)
  2. first communions: a collection of dark fiction by Geoffrey Girard (Apex Publications)
  1. Barren Cove by Ariel S. Winter (Atria/Emily Bestler Books)
  2. Five Moons – Convolute by Bill Parker (Double Dragon eBooks)
  1. The Filter Trap by A. L. Lorentz (Eight Fathoms)
  2. Grim Tidings: Hellhound Chronicles by Caitlin Kittredge (Harper Voyager)
  1. Breath of Earth: A Novel by Beth Cato (Harper Voyager)
  2. The Everything Box by Richard Kadrey (Harper Voyager)
  1. Dark Lands: Requiem by Lyn I. Kelly (Lulu Publishing Services)
  2. Deserts of Fire: Speculative Fiction and the Modern War by Douglas Lain (Editor) (Night Shade Books)
  1. The Glittering World by Robert Levy (Pretty Good Year Audio/Audible)
  2. Street Magicks by Paula Guran (Editor) (Prime Books)
  1. Omegaball by Robert J. Peterson (Rare Bird Books)
  2. The Last Adventure of Constance Verity by A. Lee Martinez (Saga Press)
  1. The Gallery of Lost Species by Nina Berkhout (Thomas Dunne Books)
  2. Sunset Over Abendau (The Inheritance Trilogy Book 2) by Jo Zebedee (Tickety Boo Press)
  1. Dark Souls #1 by George Mann (Titan)
  2. Fall of Light: Book Two of the Kharkanas Trilogy by Steven Erikson (Tor Books)
  1. HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt (Tor Books)
  2. The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson (
  1. The Big Book of Science Fiction by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer (Editors) (Vintage)
  2. The Nightmare Stacks: A Laundry Files Novel by Charles Stross (Ace)
  1. The Wheel of Osheim: The Red Queen’s War by Mark Lawrence (Ace)
  2. Lady Renegades: a Rebel Belle Novel by Rachel Hawkins (G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers)
  1. It Happened One Doomsday by Laurence MacNaughton (Pyr)
  2. A Lovely Way to Burn (Plague Times Trilogy) by Louise Welsh (Quercus)
  1. Blood In the Water (Destroyermen) by Taylor Anderson (Roc)
  2. The Zyne Project by Sara Brooke (Sinister Grin Press)
  1. The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi (St. Martin’s Griffin)
  2. The Big Sheep by Robert Kroese (Thomas Dunne Books)
  1. Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor #1 by Gordon Rennie (Titan)
  2. Heroes: Godsend #2 by Joey Falco (Titan)
  1. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Archives Omnibus Vol.1 by Gary Russell (Titan Comics)
  2. DOCTOR WHO 11TH YEAR TWO #7 CVR A MILLER by Rob Williams (Titan Comics)
  1. DOCTOR WHO 12TH YEAR TWO #4 CVR A MILLER by Robbie Morrison (Titan Comics)
  2. DOCTOR WHO 10TH YEAR TWO #8 CVR A NAUCK by Nick Abadzis (Titan Comics)
  1. DOCTOR WHO 10TH YEAR TWO #7 CVR A NAUCK by Nick Abadzis (Tittan Comics)
  2. Indomitable: The Chronicles of Promise Paen by W. C. Bauers (Tor Books)
  1. The House of Daniel: A novel of miracles, magic, and minor league ball by Harry Turtledove (Tor Books)
  2. Nightshades by Melissa F. Olson (
  1. In the Labyrinth of Drakes: A Memoir by Lady Trent (A Natural History of Dragons) by Marie Brennan (Tor Books)
  2. The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman (Tor)
  1. Beyond the Aquila Rift: The Best of Alastair Reynolds by Alastair Reynolds (Subterranean)
  2. The Medusa Chronicles (Sekret Machines) by Stephen Baxter & Alastair Reynolds (Saga Press)
  1. The Skeleth by Matthew Jobin (Philomel Books)
  2. The Nethergrim by Matthew Jobin (Puffin Books)
  1. Just One Damned Thing After Another: The Chronicles of St. Mary?s Book One by Jodi Taylor (Night Shade Books)
  2. Beyond the Woods: Fairy Tales Retold by Paul Guran (Editor) (Night Shade Books)
  1. The Root: A Novel of the Wrath & Athenaeum by Na’amen Gobert Tilahun (Night Shade Books)
  2. Escapee: Repelling the Invasion by Edward Hoornaert (MuseItUp Publishing)
  1. Armada by Ernest Cline (Broadway Books)
  2. The Summer Dragon: First Book of the Evertide by Todd Lockwood (DAW)
  1. The Booking by Ramsey Campbell (Dark Regions Press)
  2. Golden (Heart of Dread) by Melissa de la Cruz (G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers)
  1. The Long Cosmos: A Novel (Long Earth) by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter (Harper)
  2. Titanborn by Rhett C. Bruno (Hydra)
  1. Spira Mirabilis (The Wave Trilogy #3) by Aidan Harte (Jo Fletcher Books)
  2. The Palace of Glass: The Forbidden Library: Volume 3 by Django Wexler (Kathy Dawson Books)
  1. Children of Earth and Sky by Guy Gavriel Kay (NAL)
  2. The World Forgot (The Ever-Expanding Universe) by Martin Leicht & Isla Neal (Saga Press)
  1. Sing Down the Stars (The Celestine Series) by L.J. Hatton (Skyscape)
  2. The Mountain: An Event Group Thriller (Event Group Thrillers) by David Golemon (St. Martin’s Paperbacks)
  1. The Wolf Inside (The Wild Hunt Book 1) by Tyler W. D. Stewart (Supposed Crimes LLC)
  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke (The Folio Society)
  1. Death Sentence: London by Montynero (Titan)
  2. Man Plus #3 by Andre Araujo (Titan)
  1. Rivers of London: Night Witch #1 by Ben Aaronovitch (Titan)
  2. INDEPENDENCE DAY #1 (OF 5) by Victor Gischler (Titan Comics)
  1. ASSASSINS CREED TEMPLARS #1 by Fred Van Lente (Titan Comics)
  2. Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Volume 1 – Gaze of the Medusa by Gordon Rennie (Titan Comics)
  1. DOCTOR WHO 8TH #5 (OF 5) by George Mann (Titan Comics)
  2. The Nikopol Trilogy by Enki Bilal (Titan Comics)
  1. Red Right Hand by Levi Black (Tor Books)
  2. Arabella of Mars (The Adventures of Arabella Ashby) by David D. Levine (Tor Books)
  1. World’s End (The Pendulum Trilogy) by Will Elliott (Tor Books)
  2. Nightstruck by Jenna Black (Tor Teen)
  1. Vassa in the Night: A Novel by Sarah Porter (Tor Teen)
  2. The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi (Vintage)
  1. Night Terrors by J.A. Pitts (Wordfire Press)
  2. Infomocracy by Malka Older (
  1. Pathfinder Tales: Liar’s Bargain by Tim Pratt (Tor Books)
  2. Doctor Who, 12th Year Two #3 by Robbie Morrison (Titan Comics)
  1. New Pompeii by Daniel Godfrey (Titan Books)
  2. The Troop #4 by Noel Clarke (Titan)
  1. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Vol. 3 by Robbie Morrison (Titan)
  2. Heroes: Godsend #1 by Joey Falco (Titan)
  1. The Blood Red City (The Never War) by Justin Richards (Thomas Dunne Books)
  2. The Further Adventures of Langdon St. Ives by James P. Blaylock (Subterranean)
  1. Early Days: More Tales from the Pulp Era by Robert Silverberg (Subterranean)
  2. Last Train from Perdition (I Travel By Night) by Robert McCammon (Subterranean)
  1. Penric’s Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold (Subterranean)
  2. Insistence of Vision by David Brin (Story Plant)
  1. Heart of a Dolphin by Catherine Hapka (Scholastic Inc.)
  2. Art & War: Poetry, Pulp and Politics in Israeli Fiction by Lavie Tidhar & Shimon Adaf (Repeater)
  1. Rise of the Federation: Live by the Code (Star Trek: Enterprise) by Christopher L. Bennett (Pocket Books/Star Trek)
  2. The Eerie Adventures of the Lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe by Peter Clines (Permuted Platinum)
  1. The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp (Orbit)
  2. All Good Children by Dayna Ingram (Lethe Press)
  1. Serpent of the Shangrove by C.N. Lesley (Kristell ink, Grimbold Books)
  2. Fight Like A Girl by Roz Clarke & Joanne Hall (Editors) (Kristell Ink, Grimbold Books)
  1. The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks (First Second)
  2. Five Moons – Resurrection by Bill Parker (Double Dragon eBooks)
  1. Fantastic Stories of the Imagination #233 by Warren Lapine (Editor)
  2. Nightmare Magazine, April 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Editor) (Nightmare Magazine)
  1. Lightspeed Magazine, April 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Editor) (Lightspeed Magazine)
  2. Judenstaat by Simone Zelitch (Tor Books)
  1. The Weaver’s Lament (The Symphony of Ages) by Elizabeth Haydon (Tor Books)
  2. Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator by Claudia Christian & Morgan Grant Buchanan (Tor Books)
  1. The Last Mortal Bond (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne) by Brian Staveley (Tor Books)
  2. Rivers of London – Body Work Vol.1 by Ben Aaronovitch (Titan Comics)
  1. Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Vol.1 by Cavan Scott (Titan Comics)
  2. Mandrake the Magician: The Sundays Volume One, The Hidden Kingdom of Murderers by Lee Falk & Phil Davis (Titan Books)
  1. The Last Girl (The Dominion Trilogy) by Joe Hart (Thomas & Mercer)
  2. Floodgate by Johnny Shaw (Thomas & Mercer)
  1. An Unattractive Vampire by Jim McDoniel (Sword & Laser)
  2. The Hidden Twin by Adi Rule (St. Martin’s Griffin)
  1. Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek by Manu Saadia (Piper Text)
  2. Galaxy’s Edge Magazine: Issue 19, March 2016 by Mike Resnick (Editor) (Phoenix Pick)
  1. Ageless by Paul Inman (Inkshares)
  2. The Cold Between: A Central Corps Novel by Elizabeth Bonesteel (Harper Voyager)
  1. Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 1: Dawn by Yoshiki Tanaka (Haikasoru)
  2. The Untimely Deaths of Alex Wayfare by M.G. Buehrlen (Diversion Publishing)
  1. Alight: Book Two of the Generations Trilogy by Scott Sigler (Del Rey)
  2. Shimmer Magazine – Issue 30 by E. Catherine Tobler (Editor)
  1. Uncanny Magazine Issue 9: March/April 2016 by Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damien Thomas (Editors) (Uncanny Magazine)
  2. City of Wolves by Willow Palecek (
  1. The Sword of Midras: A Shroud of the Avatar Novel (Blade of the Avatar) by Tracy Hickman & Richard Garriot (Tor Books)
  2. Home: Home Sweet Home by Max Davison (Titan Comics)
  1. Doctor Who 8th #4 (of 5) by George Mann (Titan Comics)
  2. Doctor Who 10th Year Two #6 by Nick Abadzis (Titan Comics)
  1. Doctor Who 12th Year Two #2 by Robbie Morrison (Titan Comics)
  2. Bloodthirsty #5 (Bloodthirsty: 5) by Mark Landry (Titan Comics)
  1. Heroes: Vengeance #5 by Seamus Kevin Fahey (Titan Comics)
  2. Wakfu #3 (Wakfu: 3) by Kahel (Titan Comics)
  1. The Troop #3 (The Troop: 3) by Noel Clarke (Titan Comics)
  2. Man Plus #2 by Andre Lima Araujo (Titan Comics)
  1. The Race by Nina Allan (Titan Books)
  2. Last Night, A Superhero Saved My Life by Liesa Mignogna (Editor) (Thomas Dunne Books)
  1. Waypoint Kangaroo by Curtis C. Chen (Thomas Dunne Books)
  2. The Authentic William James by Stephen Gallagher (Subterranean)
  1. A Green and Ancient Light by Frederic S. Durbin (Saga Press)
  2. Mothership (The Ever-Expanding Universe) by Martin Leicht & Isla Neal (Saga Press)
  1. Black City Saint by Richard A. Knaak (Pyr)
  2. Spear of Light (The Glittering Edge) by Brenda Cooper (Pyr)
  1. Realms of Darkover (Darkover anthology Book 16) by Deborah J. Ross (Editor) (Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust)
  2. Jericho: A Novel by Alex Gordon (Harper Voyager)
  1. In the Shadow of the Gods: A Bound Gods Novel by Rachel Dunne (Harper Voyager)
  2. New Blood (HALO) by Matt Forbeck (Gallery Books)
  1. I, Human by John Nelson (Cosmic Egg Books)
  2. Cold Cut to Xentia by C. S. Arle (Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.)
  1. Two Travelers by Sarah Tolmie (Aqueduct Press)
  2. Broken (The Extrahuman Union Book 1) by Susan Bigelow (Book Smugglers)
  1. Disappearance at Devil’s Rock: A Novel by Paul Tremblay (William Morrow)
  2. Nightmare Magazine, March 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Editor) (Nightmare Magazine)
  1. Lightspeed Magazine, March 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Editor) (Lightspeed Magazine)
  2. Runtime by S.B. Divya (
  1. Return of Souls by Andy Remic (
  2. Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer (Tor Books)
  1. It’s Come to Our Attention by Juliana Rew (Editor) (Third Flatiron Publishing)
  2. The Life Engineered (World Engineered) by JF Dubeau (Sword & Laser)
  1. Call Forth the Waves (The Celestine Series) by L.J. Hatton (Skyscape)
  2. Serengeti by J.B. Rockwell (Severed Press)
  1. Roses and Rot by Kat Howard (Saga Press)
  2. The Demonists by Thomas E. Sniegoski (Roc)
  1. Underwater Fistfight by Matt Betts (Raw Dog Screaming Press)
  2. Railhead by Philip Reeve (Oxford University Press)
  1. The Immortals (Olympus Bound) by Jordanna Max Brodsky (Orbit)
  2. The Last Stop by Michael H. Burnam (Lodestone Books)
  1. Parallels: Felix Was Here by L. G. Keltner (Freedom Fox Press)
  2. Calamity (The Reckoners) by Brandon Sanderson (Delacorte Press)
  1. Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel (Del Rey)
  2. The Art and Science of Intergalactic Warmongery by Field Marshal S. Myrston (Cosmic Egg Books)
  1. Clarity by Taylor Verrier (Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.)
  2. Will Do Magic For Small Change by Andrea Hairstin (Aqueduct Press)
  1. The Honey Mummy (Folley & Mallory Adventure Book 3) by E. Catherine Tobler (Apokrupha)
  2. The Destructives by Matthew De Abaitua (Angry Robot)
  1. Who Wants to be The Prince of Darkness? by Michael Boatman (Angry Robot)
  2. Blood Infernal: The Order of the Sanguines Series by James Rollins (William Morrow)
  1. A Whisper of Southern Lights (The Assassins Series) by Tim Lebbon (
  2. A Gathering of Shadows: A Novel by V.E. Schwab (Tor Books)
  1. Leviathan’s Blood: Book Two of the Children Trilogy by Ben Peek (Thomas Dunne Books)
  2. The Raft: A Novel by Fred Strydom (Talos)
  1. Dreams of Distant Shores by Patricia A. McKillip (Tachyon Publications)
  2. Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature by Jacob Weisman (Editor) (Tachyon Publications)
  1. The Cormorant (Miriam Black) by Chuck Wendig (Saga Press)
  2. Borderline (The Arcadia Project) by Mishell Baker (Saga Press)
  1. A Stranger Thing (The Ever-Expanding Universe) by Martin Leicht & Isla Neal (Saga Press)
  2. Annah (The Children of Evohe Book 1) by Clay Gilbert (Rara Avis: An Imprint of PDMI Publishing, LLC)
  1. Version Control: A Novel by Dexter Palmer (Pantheon)
  2. Of Treasons Born (Treasons Cycle) by J. L. Doty (Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
  1. War Factory: Transformation Book Two by Neal Asher (Night Shade Books)
  2. Practical Applications for Multiverse Theory: A Novel by Nick Scott & Noa Gavin (Inkshares)
  1. Merciless Reason by Oisn McGann (Corgi Children’s)
  2. Nightmare Magazine, February 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Editor) (Nightmare Magazine)
  1. Lightspeed Magazine, February 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Editor) (Lightspeed Magazine)
  2. The Rage by Matthew Babaoye
  1. United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas (Angry Robot)
  2. Dominion: The Chronicles of the Invaders by John Connolly (Atria/Emily Bestler Books)
  1. Squid’s Grief by DK Mok (DK Mok)
  2. The God Wave: A Novel (The God Wave Trilogy) by Patrick Hemstreet (Harper Voyager)
  1. Blood of Innocents (Sorcery Ascendant) by Mitchell Hogan (Harper Voyager)
  2. Tuki Save the Humans S #4 by Jeff Smith (Cartoon Books)
  1. The Proving by Ken Brosky (Kindle Press)
  2. The Time Train by Eric M. Bosarge (Medallion Press)
  1. Severed Empire: Wizard’s Rise by Phillip Tomasso (Mirror Matter Press)
  2. Silvertongue 30xx, #2 by Nando Sarmiento and Chris Mullins (Nando Sarmiento)
  1. The Anatomy of Fear: Conversations with Cult Horror and Science Fiction Film Creators by Chris Vander Kaay & Kathleen Fernandez-Vander Kaay (NorLightsPress)
  2. The Latter Fire (Star Trek: The Original Series) by James Swallow (Pocket Books/Star Trek)
  1. Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 by Mercedes Lackey (Editor) (Pyr)
  2. Wraith: A Novel by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens (Thomas Dunne Books)
  1. Deus Ex Universe: Children’s Crusade #1 by Alex Irvine & John Aggs (Titan Comics)
  2. Dragons: Riders of Berk – Tales From Berk by Simon Furman (Titan Comics)
  1. SKY DOLL: DECADE by Alessandro Barbucci & Barbara Canepa (Titan Comics)
  2. Johnny Red #4 (Johnny Red: 4) by Garth Ennis (Titan Comics)
  1. Surface Tension by Jay Gunn (Titan Comics)
  2. The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley (Tor Books)
  1. Riders by Veronica Rossi (Tor Teen)
  2. Reality by Other Means: The Best Short Fiction of James Morrow by James Morrow (Wesleyan)
  1. Black Bead: Book One of the Black Bead Chronicles by J.D. Lakey (Wayword Press bestseller)
  2. Dragon Hunters: The Chronicle of the Exile, Book Two (The Chronicles of the Exile) by Marc Turner (Tor Books)
  1. The Orion Plan: A Thriller by Mark Alpert (Thomas Dunne Books)
  2. OnSpec #101 by Diane L. Walton (Editor) (The Copper Pig Writers’ Society)
  1. The Days of Tao by Wesley Chu (Subterranean Press)
  2. The Dark Side by Anthony O’Neill (Simon & Schuster)
  1. A Criminal Magic by Lee Kelly (Saga Press)
  2. C is for Chimera by Rhonda Parrish (Editor) (Poise and Pen Publications)
  1. Shutter Man (Balzano and Byrne) by Richard Montanari (Mulholland Books)
  2. Daughter of Blood: The Wall of Night Book Three by Helen Lowe (Harper Voyager)
  1. Angelus: The Books of Raziel by Sabrina Benulis (Harper Voyager)
  2. The Vagrant by Peter Newman (Harper Voyager)
  1. Revisionary: Magic Ex Libris: Book Four by Jim C. Hines (DAW)
  2. The Book of Thomas: Volume One: Heaven by Robert Boyczuk (ChiZine Publications)
  1. Lament for the Afterlife by Lisa L. Hannett (ChiZine Publications)
  2. The Acolyte by Nick Cutter (ChiZine Publications)
  1. Against a Darkening Sky by Lauren B. Davis (ChiZine Publications)
  2. The Book of David by Robert Boyczuk (ChiZine Publications)
  1. The House of War and Witness by Mike Carey (ChiZine Publications)
  2. Experimental Film by Gemma Files (ChiZine Publications)
  1. The Humanity of Monsters by Michael Matheson (Editor) (ChiZine Publications)
  2. Point Hollow by Rio Youers (ChiZine Publications)
  1. The Good Brother by E.L. Chen (ChiTeen)
  2. The Door in the Mountain by Caitlin Sweet (ChiTeen)
  1. The Flame in the Maze by Caitlin Sweet (ChiTeen)
  2. Infinitum: Time Travel Noir by G.M.B Chomichuk (ChiGraphic)
  1. Freeze/Thaw by Chris Bucholz (Apex Book Company)
  2. Glitch Rain by Alex Livingston (Apex Book Company)
  1. Kingfisher by Patricia A. McKillip (Ace)
  2. Orthogonal: The War at Home by John Bowker (Editor)
  1. Fantastic Stories of the Imagination #230 by Warren Lapine (Editor)
  2. Hwarhath Stories by Eleanor Arnason (Aqueduct Press)
  1. Ghost in the Cogs: Steam-Powered Ghost Stories by Scott Gable & C. Dombrowski (Editors) (Broken Eye Books)
  2. Tomorrow’s Cthulhu: Stories at the Dawn of Posthumanity by Scott Gable & C. Dombrowski (Editors) (Broken Eye Books)
  1. Insistence of Vision: Stories by David Brin (Fiction Studio Books)
  2. This is Not the End by Jesse Jordan (Medallion Press)
  1. The Dark Magazine #11 by Jack Fisher & Sean Wallace (Editors) (Prime Books)
  2. Every Anxious Wave: A Novel by Mo Daviau (St. Martin’s Press)
  1. Down and Out In Purgatory by Tim Powers (Subterranean)
  2. Asteroid Made of Dragons by G. Derek Adams (Sword & Laser)
  1. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2.5 (Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor: 2.5) by (Titan Comics)
  2. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2.5 (Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: 2.5) by (Titan Comics)
  1. Doom of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras) by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Tor Books)
  2. The Emperor’s Railroad (The Dreaming Cities) by Guy Haley (
  1. The Jewel & Her Lapidary by Fran Wilde (
  2. The Maids of Wrath: The Cleaners Book 2 by Josh Vogt (WordFire Press)
  1. Poseidon’s Wake (Poseidon’s Children) by Alastair Reynolds (Ace)
  2. Quantum Night by Robert J. Sawyer (Ace)
  1. Burned: An Alex Verus Novel by Benedict Jacka (Ace)
  2. The Reburialists by J. C. Nelson (Ace)
  1. The Custodian of Marvels: The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire, Book Three by Rod Duncan (Angry Robot)
  2. Graft by Matt Hill (Angry Robot)
  1. Ex-Isle: A Novel (Ex-Heroes) by Peter Clines (Broadway Books)
  2. The Combat Codes (The Combat Codes Saga) (Volume 1) by Alexander Darwin (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
  1. Discognition by Steven Shaviro (Repeater)
  2. Shadow Rites: A Jane Yellowrock Novel by Faith Hunter (Roc)
  1. Titan’s Fall (The Icarus Corps) by Zachary Brown (Saga Press)
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